Here’s Why So Many People Quit The Gym

Here’s Why So Many People Quit The Gym3 reasons why we quit the gym:


A common mistake for beginners. Any excessive load at this stage can cause unpleasant sensations. People come to the hall, start to “plow”, then a week everything hurts and breaks. After 2-3 such stresses, the feet themselves will refuse to go to the ill-fated gym.


It is a frequent companion of any work on oneself. “Will I get it?”, “Will my efforts bring a result?”, “Suddenly I spend time and money?”, “And how will others react to my studies?”. There are many different reasons for uncertainty, but each has its own. It would be nice to search for it.


Strangely enough, he, too, can be the reason for “throwing things halfway.” The desire to do everything perfectly, better than others, while ignoring the natural limitations (physical ability, time to achieve results, the characteristics of your body) can cause non-doing.

Ask yourself questions: “Where did the desire to go in for sports come from?”, “What is behind it? Health goals? “,” Do you want to change / put in order your body? “Behind any desire is the need, and the basic need usually sounds very simple. It can be love, freedom, security. For example, “I’ll study, I’ll get the result, and then just like somebody.” Your personal phrase may sound different. Try to “grope” for your need, which lies behind the desire to train. Search for your motivation with a psychologist or yourself.

According to statistics, a person who came to a fitness club, it is important to go through the threshold of one month of classes. As a rule, after this, the regularity of training goes to an acceptable level. Try to start studying with someone (girlfriend, husband or personal trainer). Usually the presence of a second person next to one helps to get through the starting stage easier.

Do not rush, try to look for the type of motor activity that you get, it gives pleasure.
Success breeds more success.

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