How to Relieve Stress with 30 Minutes

How to Relieve Stress with 30 MinutesAccumulating fatigue, a sense of incomprehensible anxiety, insomnia and an eternally bad mood became the true companions of the inhabitants of megacities. We are so used to them that we often take a nervous-emotional fatigue for the norm. And most of us do not pay attention to it at all and do not even think that this can lead to serious health problems.

The resources of our body, unfortunately, are limited. And if you live in constant stress and at the limit of your abilities, nutrient, immune and hormonal reserves run out even faster. And the condition that we characterize “from day to day” “just tired” can turn into a disease. In addition, nervous exhaustion can cause changes in emotional reactions, and character manifests such traits as secrecy, isolation and irritability.

Especially often physical and nervous exhaustion are observed in workaholics. Are you familiar with the state when the day is very sleepy, and in the evening you can not fall asleep in any way, do not leave the feeling of fatigue, unreasonable anxiety and pessimistic mood, and, ultimately, you become sensitive to loud sounds, bright light, smells? Of course, we switch, take a vacation and go on a trip, but very quickly we return to the usual state of fatigue. That’s why constant therapy and prevention is important.

Science does not stand still. Advanced solutions of rehabilitation medicine today have found applications in everyday life. A simple, effective and affordable way, which in a few days will give you a good mood, a positive attitude and faith in yourself – inhalations with xenon. They have already gained wide popularity and love from world stars in Europe and America.

Xenon therapy is a new, promising, fashionable or, as they say, “elite” way of getting rid of anxious and neurotic disorders. At the heart of the therapy is an environmentally safe anesthetic – noble gas xenon (Xe). It has neither color nor smell and is contained in the atmosphere in a very low concentration. And one of its main properties is that it is a powerful antidepressant: it reduces irritability, a feeling of depression, increases concentration, eliminates chronic fatigue. Gas blocks pain (this property is important in rehabilitation medicine), stimulates the work of protective functions of the body. Breathing xenon is useful for those who have frequent insomnia, athletes use it to prepare for competitions, because inhalations are not a doping drug. At the same time, the procedure is able to enhance physical abilities and improve well-being.

The range of indications for carrying out regenerative procedures using xenon is quite large:

  • sleep disorders;
  • long-term worsening of mood, depressive state;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • panic attacks, stresses, neuroses;
  • decreased immunity;
  • reduced working capacity;
  • pain (including headache, migraine), non-healing wounds;
  • fear of events that cause acute emotions;
  • dependence: smoking, alcoholism and others.

Of course, speaking about the properties of xenon, it is worth emphasizing not only what effects it causes, but it is important that it does not cause. Due to its inertness, xenon does not cause allergic reactions, does not have toxicity, teratogenicity, does not form new compounds in the body and is completely eliminated through the lungs in an unchanged form. Medical xenon does not cause the patient to get used to and does not accumulate in the body.

Therapy, which is used by world stars. The course of xenon inhalations can be afforded, like other salon procedures. Some help us look young and healthy, others will support health from the inside and will get out of the state of stress (which strongly affects the appearance).

It is difficult to find the category of people who would not be useful xenonotherapy: athletes, students, workaholics. By the way, inhalations are often prescribed even to pregnant women. Nevertheless, contra-indications still exist. Therefore, before you start xenon therapy, it is worth consulting with a doctor who will determine your general condition and decide on the need for inhalations.

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