Reasons You’re Losing Your Hair

Reasons You're Losing Your HairNormally, a person may have up to thirty thousand hairs a year. Hair loss in a certain amount is an absolutely normal physiological process.

Hair Growth Phases

The structure of the hair looks like an onion and is represented by a root, follicle and actually the hair itself.

Distinguish the following phases of hair:

  • Telogen – hair is in the embryonic state;
  • Katagen – transition from one phase to another;
  • Anagen is a phase of active growth.

Life expectancy of the hair is, on average, three to seven years. At the end of the anagen, a new hair cycle begins.

By the way, the hair can even determine the general state of the human body. If the hair became dull, began to fall out, this may indicate some problems in the body. In some cases, hair growth can be restored, in others, hair falls irretrievably, which leads to alopecia .

Hair loss test

To understand whether there is an increased loss of hair, you can conduct the following test. To do this, you need to bring your fingers under your hair in the temporal or parietal zone and pull them lightly along the entire length, but do not pull at all. If there are one to five hairs remaining, there is no cause for concern. This amount is the absolute norm. If more than this, there is reason to think about why hair falls out.

Also, as an option, you can go to the mirror, make a five-centimeter length on the top of the head or the temporal zone, and count how many new hair appeared on this segment. If their number is five to ten pieces, then a change occurred, and the hair continues to grow normally. The presence of small hairs indicates not the fragility of the hair, but their change. If the new hairs are less than five and do not, you need to understand the possible causes of hair loss. The causes of hair loss can be many.

Lack of nutrients

The poor condition of the hair and its loss can be the result of malnutrition, a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, as well as a rare stay in the fresh air. Naturally, with a shortage of nutrients, the body will give them primarily to more important organs (the heart, liver, kidneys, etc.) and systems responsible for vital functions. But the skin, hair, nails will get what’s left.

Women who want to lose weight often sit on various unbalanced diets, mono-diets, which can adversely affect the health and appearance of the hair. If you want to lose five to ten kilograms or more, you must definitely focus on the balance of nutrition. When losing weight, a dietician develops a diet that takes into account the needs of the body.

Contamination of the body

People who live in a megacity and not only, to some extent, poison their body, through inhaled air, water, as well as poor-quality food. Such intoxication poisonings first of all affect the hair and scalp. As a result, dandruff, dryness, allergic reactions, etc., can appear. If this happens, you need to seek help from a specialist. The doctor may prescribe certain medications, sorbents or probiotics.

It is known that women’s health was previously determined by her hair. Many ladies wore long hair. After the illness, seasonal biorhythms or stress, the body needs more nutrients, which it takes from the reserves. In connection with this diet should pay appropriate attention.


Infectious diseases, both external (from external pathogens), and internal, also can affect the condition of the hair. If there is itching, rashes on the scalp (pustular or inflammatory nature), you need to visit a dermatologist, rather than self-medicate.

By the way, someone prefers to make masks based on onion juice, considering that this has a favorable effect on the health of hair and protects hair from falling out. However, nothing useful to the hair does not bring it. Moreover, you can get a serious scalp burn.


If a person has experienced stress, up to seventy percent of the follicle can go into a resting phase. They start experiencing a shortage of vitamins, microelements, as the body is forced to direct forces to get out of the stressful state. In most cases, hair does not go away irrevocably. There is an update that allows you to get beautiful healthy hair again.

Although you need to remember that not everything is going so smoothly. Sometimes hair is not restored, and hair loss is irretrievable.

There are cases when, after the experienced stress, for a few months there was a total loss of hair. And, unfortunately, it was not always possible to restore the hair in this case.

Hormones and alopecia

Hair loss can occur due to hormonal changes in the body. Solve such a problem is most problematic. Mostly it concerns men and is directly related to the male hormone testosterone. The presence of androgens in the blood by and large leads to hair loss in men.

As you know, a person on his head has two kinds of bulbs: hormone-dependent – on the upper part of the head and hormone-independent, located on the sides, on the temples and the back of the head. The hormonal changes that occur lead to the loss of hormone-dependent bulbs.

Cope with androgenetic alopecia to date, there is no way. However, if you contact the doctor in time, when the hair loss has just begun, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate drugs that can stop their loss.

In women, a change in the hormonal background, leading to hair loss, can cause the transferred stress. In this case, you need to see a doctor-endocrinologist.

Each fallen hair from the head is not worth the experience, but it deserves attention. Careful attitude to the body will help to protect yourself from problems.

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