Health Benefits and Side Effects of Persimmon Fruit

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Persimmon FruitPersimmon, tangerines, pumpkin, pomegranate, cranberries and lingonberries are not just plants rich in vitamins and microcells, but warm shades of autumn that have moved to our plate. Today we will talk about a persimmon – a tasty, healthy fruit with a fleshy pulp, a slightly tart, but very sweet taste and a delicious aroma. The use of persimmons for the human body can give odds to many summer fruits.

Facts about persimmons

From a botanical point of view, a persimmon is a berry, because it has a thin skin, a juicy pulp, it has a lot of seeds, and develops from the ovary of the flower. But because of the size and place of growth, the townsfolk often call the bright fruit fruit. Interestingly, the fact that the Latin name of the red berry is translated as “Food of the Gods”.

The original homeland of a useful persimmon is China, where the taste of berries enjoy more than two millennia. In America, the plant appeared in the XVIII century, and a century later it was seen by Europeans. Today shrubs grow in countries with a tropical and subtropical climate. For some countries, its species are characteristic.

The composition of persimmons

A bright fruit of cheerful color on the macronutrient composition surpasses many similar ones. Persimmon is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, considerable content of sodium and phosphorus in it. From micronutrients especially high content of iron: 2.5 mg per 100 g, this is 14% of the norm for humans. The amount of iodine persimmon, although inferior to sea kale, but overtakes many other products.

Of course, there are a lot of dietary fiber and water in berries, organic organic acids necessary for the human body are present.

In persimmon, the benefits, harm and contraindications of which flow out straight from the chemical composition, “vitamins” A, E, C, PP, B1 and B2 “settled”. Provitamin A helps prevent skin aging and fight against viruses and bacteria, it is necessary for good eyesight, healthy bones and hair. Ascorbic acid stimulates the immune system, slows the aging of cells, accelerates wound healing, regulates metabolism, helps strengthen and elastic vessels. Thiamine, or vitamin B1, stimulates brain function, improves memory, improves mood, participates in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

The vitamins of the group are found mainly in protein foods, some plants, the more valuable they are in persimmon. And all this with a very low calorie persimmon.

The Benefits of Persimmons for Health

Due to the high content of iron, persimmon is useful in anemia. Pectin, which is also rich in a bright fruit, improves the work of the intestines and stomach. Persimmon has disinfectant properties, destroys many kinds of E. coli.

We have already said that there is a lot of iodine in a large berry, so regular consumption of it in moderation is a direct way to a healthy thyroid gland.

Persimmon is endowed with diuretic properties, so eating fruit can protect a person from urolithiasis. A high content of magnesium promotes the removal of salts from the genitourinary system.

It is incredibly useful persimmon for the cardiovascular system, eating fruit, we strengthen the walls of the vessels, so that they penetrate less harmful substances. Monosaccharides, which are part of the fetus, nourish the heart muscle. Favorably persimmon influences and arterial pressure.

A ripe fruit contains a lot of ascorbic acid, which helps improve the performance of the immune system. Fighting against viruses and bacteria is well capable of persimmon.

Its use in “cold” seasons is unusual for the human body. And thanks to the antiseptic properties of persimmons, it is recommended to eat regularly after severe infectious diseases.
And of course, persimmon helps to cope with the seasonal blues. Its amazing taste, sweet flesh, rich in fructose, a positive look, will cheer up. To recharge the positive, persimmon is not even necessary to eat, you can improve your mood by simply admiring the red berry. After all, orange color helps to increase mood.

There are about 500 kinds of persimmons, about half of them are edible.

In general, the composition of different varieties of fruit is approximately the same, so they have almost the same useful properties. However, there are some minor differences.

For example, the famous persimmon kingie will be of special benefit to those who watch their weight. Caloric content of the king is less than that of other species of berries. This is despite the fact that the taste of the kolok is more sweet, and practically does not bind.

Persimmons dried, or dried, benefit for the body is almost the same as a fresh fruit. Of course, some vitamins evaporate when drying the fruit, but the bulk of the utilities remains.

Benefits of persimmon for pregnant women

Persimmon in pregnancy benefit is also unusual. In the berry a lot of calcium, if a pregnant woman regularly uses an orange fruit, the skeleton of the fetus will be stronger. After all, calcium plays an important role in the formation of bones. Just for the future childbirth, the persimmon properties are needed, which allow to remove harmful substances from the body. Useful for pregnant persimmons is and thanks to the ability to remove excess fluid, this will relieve swelling.

The Benefits of Persimmon for Men

Persimmon is equally useful for both sexes. But still, she reserved certain features for the “strong” half of humanity. The male organism tolerates a deficiency of magnesium worse than the female organism. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex with especial enthusiasm should monitor the amount of magnesium in their bodies. In a fresh persimmon, about 57 mg of this substance. A pair of orange “berries” a day – and almost daily magnesium for a man is obtained. Persimmon does not hurt, if a man:

  • Stressed
  • Has an irregular sleep
  • Has noticed in itself the raised irritability
  • Spasms in the muscles
  • Also, magnesium, in a company with calcium, improves the performance of the prostate gland and helps increase potency. It is very important for the physical and moral health of the representative of the stronger sex. Men are recommended to consume persimmon for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis.

Useful properties of persimmons for children

Since the persimmon has a beneficial effect on the immune system, it is very useful for a fragile baby organism. Children often spend a lot of time in the company of colds of their contemporaries, so without strengthening immunity can not do.

Due to its good diuretic properties, a persimmon will benefit children with diseased kidneys. Only to give a sweet fruit to a child needs in small numbers and only from the age of three. Especially like the children persimmon king.

Harm and contraindications of persimmons

“Food of the gods” should not be eaten on an empty stomach, the body of a common man will not appreciate it. And seriously, the composition of persimmons includes tannins and pectins, which load the digestive system and can lead to the sticking together of food particles, which has not yet been digested. Thus can be formed bezoar – intestinal stones.

Also, the red fruit should be avoided to people suffering from constipation. The persistent properties of persimmons are capable of causing intestinal obstruction.

Since there is a lot of sugar in the persimmon, it is necessary to treat with caution the people having problems with the teeth. Yes, the persimmon contains calcium, which can strengthen bones and teeth, but pectin and sugars destroy the enamel of the teeth, causing caries. Nobody will forbid you to eat fruit, but after a snack, do not forget to brush your teeth or at least drink a glass of water. Also, because of the large number of sugars in the composition, persimmon should be eaten with caution to people who have diabetes mellitus. In severe forms of diabetes persimmon, like other fruits, you need to exclude from the diet.

Benefit and harm of orange fruit for weight loss

Persimmon has a small energy value, so people who are on diets can sometimes eat berries. With moderate use, a persimmon will even be useful to those who lose weight, because there is a lot of pectin and fiber in it. This will give a feeling of satiety and a good mood in the “half-starved” days. There are even different diets for weight loss on a persimmon. Some make fasting days on this fruit. Carbohydrates and fats that are part of persimmons are fully absorbed by the body and converted into energy, and not deposited in the most unnecessary places. Of course, if you abuse even such useful fruit as a persimmon, it will bring something like, and not just for weight loss. Therefore, moderation is the main thing in eating persimmon.

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