Healthy Foods for Your Body

Healthy Foods for Your BodyOur body is a single whole, and there is hardly any product that is very useful, for example, for the liver and harmful for everything else.

In a situation where “brains do not work,” you usually want something sweet. And we will not argue with nature, but give the brain … chocolate! Chocolate should be roasting, bitter, with the content of cocoa beans at least 80%. There are studies according to which a slice of chocolate a day helps prevent the development of dementia – senile dementia. And the polyphenols contained in cocoa improve the blood flow to the brain, we feel more energetic, we start to think better, the mood improves.


Sesame. Everything that makes our skin and hair beautiful will also help the nails. We eat avocados, nuts, seeds plus sesame – black, unpurified. It has a lot of useful vitamins and minerals, and its mass up to 60% consists of fatty oils.


Nuts and seeds. Vegetable fats are just what you need for the beauty of hair. You can eat any nuts and seeds in the amount of “palm” per day.


Avocado. For the beauty of the skin, fats are important. In avocados, just a huge number of different micro- and macro elements. For example, vitamins A and E, which are involved in all metabolic processes.


Fish with vegetables. Good muscles can not be built without animal protein and, unsurprisingly, carbohydrates, which contribute to its better assimilation.


Chocolate. A piece of bitter chocolate with a content of cocoa beans of at least 80% helps prevent the development of senile dementia.


Carrot and spinach. There is evidence that regular consumption of these vegetables reduces the risk of developing eye diseases by 90%.


Flaxseed oil. In flaxseed oil, there are a lot of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. And this is not only the youth and beauty of the skin, but also the prevention of heart and vascular diseases, the ability to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and the prevention of increased thrombosis.

Gastrointestinal tract

Any vegetables and fruits. For normal functioning of the digestive tract in the diet must necessarily be present fiber and dietary fiber.


Fish fatty varieties, potatoes, bananas and rye bread. The fish contains a lot of valuable vitamin D, which activates calcium and promotes the synthesis of new bone tissue. But potassium does not wash out the calcium from the bones, so we add potatoes or bananas, or rye bread to the ration.

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