Learn to Love a Morning Workout

Learn to Love a Morning Workout

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To exercise became an integral part of your morning, it is enough to use one single advice.

Why do I need morning exercises? How to force yourself to do this all the time? Let’s start in order.

The main goal of morning exercises is to wake up, activate the work of internal organs, stretch joints and ligaments, which helps to avoid banal domestic injuries during the day and get a charge of vivacity.

However, immediately after awakening, it is not recommended to perform active cardio training (running, intense walking) and weight training with high weight. They give a strong load on the cardiovascular system, because the blood starts to flow more slowly during sleep and becomes noticeably thicker. Since morning it is necessary to do the exercises directed just on improvement of a circulation and a stretching. But intensive training should be postponed until 1.5-2 hours after sleep – not earlier.

The duration of morning exercises varies from 2 to 30 minutes. In addition to the usual exercises, morning yoga, qigong (Chinese health gymnastics) or stretching (aerobic type, aimed at stretching, development of flexibility and elasticity) is suitable. The main condition is to do them regularly and not to miss.

To make it easy for you to develop a habit of morning exercises, I suggest you try this system. First, determine what will be your minimum, normal and overdone result for daily exercise, and then try every day at least a minimum, but do it, and in the best days work out the maximum. This system will help not shirk the morning exercises and sooner or later graft a healthy morning habit.

Suppose that your minimum, this 3-5 minutes of classes – this time in itself in the morning can identify each. In 5 minutes it is possible to stretch the whole body – rotation of the head, shoulders, torso of the trunk, stretching the legs, 30 sit-ups, 10 push-ups and a bar 1-2 minutes in conclusion.

Your 100% will be 10-15 minutes. Here I suggest to add to the minimum the exercises for problem areas. If you are not satisfied with the stomach – focus on the press and varieties of the bar, you want to pump up the buttocks – add squats, swings and so on. Believe me, the result will not be long in coming.
Well, and your maximum, which can be done, for example, on the weekend, when you do not need to rush to work – it’s 30 minutes. Here you can conduct a full-fledged complex of yoga, pilates or any other practice.

Do exercises every morning

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Do exercises every morning and you will no longer have to torment yourself with thoughts that once again did not have time to do exercises.

Do not forget to drink 1-2 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach, preferably with a lemon (if you do not have contraindications). And the exercises themselves are best performed outdoors or in a ventilated room.

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