Everything You Need to Know About Running in the Heat

Everything You Need to Know About Running in the HeatWhen the outside temperature of the air is 83 °F in the shade, it is worth thinking about safe workouts without harm to health.

What to wear for a run?

1. You can not run without a T-shirt. Sweat is released together with salt. But when the street is very hot, the sweat evaporates quickly, but the salt remains. It clogs all the pores that stop breathing. Accordingly, we get overheating.

When you wear a T-shirt, she collects almost all the sweat on herself along with the salt, and the body of salt remains much less. Yes, and given that clothing closes from the wind, evaporation from the surface is much slower. Therefore, the pores are practically not clogged.
Girls in this regard can not choose. The maximum that they can afford is to run in the topic, which also does quite well with the function of the sweat collector.

In addition, if you have not had time to get a good tan, one jogging without a shirt in a strong heat will make you sleep with a smeared cream. The soaring sun plus sweat will burn the skin literally in a matter of minutes.

2. Headgear. If you have a lot of hair on your head, you can pass this point. But if it is not so, then be sure to get a cap. Overheating of the head during a run will make jogging dangerous, at best make the stop voluntarily. Yes, and a sun stroke can be easily caught. If you feel that you “swam” and already begin to poorly distinguish the surrounding objects, then the sun has already baked your head and you either have to go one step or stop altogether.

3. Run in the sneakers. In addition, sneakers try to choose with a mesh surface, so that the leg as best as possible is ventilated.

Do not forget that a long run in the heat increases the size of the foot by about half the size. So buy sneakers in which the leg will feel comfortable, but the fingers will not rest on the edge of the sneaker without the slightest gap. If you get the sneakers end-to-end, after about 30 minutes of running, you will begin to feel that the leg is no longer fit in the shoes. It threatens calluses and damaged nails. Shoes buy a little more than your foot. Not for size, but for half the size.

4. The collector of sweat. In this case, a bandage on the forehead or on the arm, which I will collect sweat.

How to breathe when running in the heat?

Many people are concerned about the issue of breathing – how to breathe when running in extreme heat. There is no secret technique. To breathe it is necessary also, as well as at run in any other weather – that is both a nose and a mouth.

The hot air does not give you a normal oxygen saturation, so it’s worth “breathing well” when you run through the shadows. In general, many athletes try to not open their mouths when running in heat, so that air can be drawn through a small hole between the lips. Thus, the air has time to cool down a little. The reverse action takes place in the winter, when in this way the athletes try to warm up the air a little before it enters the lungs.

Drink water
Quite often you can find people who claim that during and after running for a certain period of time you can not drink water. And this is alarming, because they will believe and harm the body.

Here we are talking about dehydration, which is extremely scary for humans. Therefore, drink water whenever you want. But only in reasonable limits, so that it does not gurgle in your stomach and does not cause unpleasant sensations.

Do not pour water on the head

This rule is very important. Some runners like to pour water on the head in a strong heat for cooling. But it is dangerous to do this, because the wet head is much more exposed to sunlight in extreme heat. And if you do not want to pass out during a run, you better not do it. This applies to extreme heat. If the street is not higher than 75 degrees, and you are not warmed up from the sun, but from running, then you can calmly pour water on your head – it really helps to run easier.

Pour the muscles of the feet with water

In this case, it is a question of that during running, if there is such an opportunity, it is sometimes necessary to pour the hips and calves with water. Flushing thus salt from them, they begin to work better.

There is no scientific justification. Just try it and see for yourself that it helps. You can also wet your hands.

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