How to Motivate Yourself to Run Every Day

Identify goals for running

Few people doubt that running is very useful. However, starting to run for many is a big problem. How to force yourself and start regularly to run.

Identify goals for running

Well, if you do not understand why you need to run, then it is unlikely that you will be able to force yourself to do this. Even if you go out a couple of times for a run, you’ll still give it up.

Moreover, the goal of running should be really important for you. If you are dragged along by a jog, then most likely you will end up running fast, as the friend has an incentive, but you do not.

The most important goals for running are: strengthening of immune system, treatment of a number of diseases, which include cardiovascular diseases, the emergence of self-confidence, increased endurance, self-development and the desire to be better than others. That is, social status and own health are the main incentives for running. If you can not find an incentive, then do not start running, it’s unlikely you will like it, it’s a rather boring hobby if you do not understand what it provides for you.

Although, in fairness, you can see that after some time of regular training (usually two – three months) there is a dependence on this sport. If you started running because you find a reason to run then most likely you will continue to run like it. and it does not matter whether you are at home or on vacation at the hotel. In any place you will definitely find time to run.

Remember your results and improve them

You must memorize or record all your jogging results. This will give you an incentive to run better longer and faster next time to beat your own record. Choose a distance for yourself and overcome it by running. Mark the time. After a week of training, arrange a mini-competition and try running it again at the maximum of your strength. You will see that the time has improved.

The technique is good because you do not need to run about someone, but only about yourself yesterday. It both motivates and visually demonstrates that progress is under way.

You need friends to run

It is best to start running if you have like-minded people. Conversations during easy jogs distract from running, and forces seem to be spent less. This is pure psychology. It is not for nothing that it is considered that not only the strongest, but also the most psychologically stable athlete wins in the middle and stayer distances. After all, when you run 100 yards, there is no need to force yourself to patience. As long as you start thinking about it, the distance is over. But when your cross lasts more than 30 minutes, there will be plenty of time to think about how tired you are. And during this time your body can demand dozens of times that you stop. Here you either have to endure, or have a company that does not have to think about fatigue after talking with.

Music helps a lot

However, this is purely individual. To some people, on the contrary, music interferes with listening to your body and does not give psychological relief.

In addition, the company develops a spirit of competition, which aspires to at least keep up with everyone, even if very tired. If I ran alone, I would definitely stop, and so I have to run further.

Try to run in the evening

Morning jogging is much harder given to beginners, since besides own laziness one has to overcome the attraction of the bed. In the evening, when the body is already awake, it is much easier to force yourself to go for a run. However, if you are a lark, and used to go to bed early and get up early, running in the morning is what you need.

Buy sports clothes

Not the most effective way, but sometimes it plays an important role. If you spent money on a tracksuit and sneakers, then you will definitely have a desire to put them on.

Do not be afraid of pain arising during running

Most of the pain that occurs during running is an indicator of your poor physical fitness. Do not be afraid of pain in the right and left sides of the legs, burning in the feet. The most important is to pay attention to is tingling in the heart and shortness of breath. Make sure you take it slow and son’t start running long distance in a fast pace.

Only if you choose the wrong shoes or run wrong, you can damage the leg muscles, the pain in which can be dangerous and sometimes it’s better not to run after getting injuries, but to take few days to rest.

Running excellently improves the mood. Therefore, if you come from work or study in a bad mood, then it is better than easy running for 30-40 minutes to do nothing to treat depression. This can be a great incentive to start running.

To improve your results in running for medium and long distances, you need to know the basics of running, such as proper breathing, technique, warm-up, the ability to make the right padding to the day of competitions, perform the correct power work for running and others.

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