How To Wake Up Early: The Secret of Successful People

The world is ruled by larks, this can not be avoided. How to argue with the system, is it not more convenient to learn how to wake up a couple of hours earlier? After all, so do Obama and Zuckerberg!
Scientists have proved, that in the mornings our brain is much more productive and those. Who wakes up to 6 am on average 70% more successful than the “owls”, used to sleep up to 9 hours and longer. Is it possible to retrain in a lark? Of course. There are simple ways that will suit everyone.

How To Wake Up Early

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Early retirement

Yes, this is the main rule, without which nothing will happen. We do not say go to bed at 9, try to fall asleep earlier gradually: half an hour earlier, after – for an hour. Let the family also adjust to your schedule: the children start and finish with lessons before, and the husband washes the dishes after dinner.

Sleep 6 or 9 hours

To have a healthy deep sleep the body was enough, you need to sleep a number of hours, a multiple of three. 3 – too little, 12 – a bit too much. But 6 hours a week and 9 hours a day off – quite enough to get enough sleep and feel cheerful.

Alarm clock at a distance from the bed

If you’re the one who turns the alarm clock on later, do not put it on the bed and do not wind on your mobile phone. Buy old good ringing clocks and put them at some distance from the bed so you have to get up to turn off the nasty sound.

Alarm clock at a distance from the bed

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Enable music

Did you notice how sometimes the plain song of a pop song motivates the head? This phenomenon has advantages. If you turn on the radio in the morning, the first couple of songs will quickly distract from the thought of sleep and dispel drowsiness. And if you will sing along. To cheer up, you will not need coffee.

Morning rituals

Another way to wake up quickly is to tie the morning with certain rituals. Coffee at dawn, a picture of breakfast in Instagram, a slow reading of letters and plans for the day. This will help the day to start quietly, without stress and haste.

Endure the first month

The habit is formed in 21 days, but for our psyche it is more convenient to count all the months. Try the early rises without a pass for the whole month and see for yourself how abruptly your life will change!

Endure the first month

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Every morning Benjamin Franklin asked himself the question: “What good can I do today?”. Before you get to the workplace, you must regain strength and prepare for a new day. Only in this way you can do something significant.

Everyone will have their perfect beginning of the morning. Someone likes listening to music in the morning, reading someone and checking the timetable. Make for yourself the perfect routine. We hope that our recommendations will help you in this.

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