How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

How to Lose Belly Fat FastHow to make the process of losing weight fast and of high quality, and is there an effective diet for burning fat on the belly? We suggest you to learn all the main aspects of weight loss in the abdomen – causes, proper nutrition and fat-burning products.

What is the problem?
Understanding the problem is almost half the battle. And you yourself know very well that, without eliminating the causes of the appearance of excess fat in the waist, it is difficult to fight it.

The first thing that accumulates excess weight is overeating.

The second is an unbalanced diet. That is, either “skewed” in the use of fats, or – in the use of carbohydrates.

The third is a sedentary lifestyle.

The fat layer, formed during pregnancy, is also eliminated by adjusting the intake of fats and carbohydrates.
Nothing new, dear women, but the more understandable and easier to apply our recommendations.
So, having determined the true cause of your excess weight – you need to throw all the forces to eliminate it. Follow the recommendations that are right for you, act – and the extra cm will leave your waistline.

It is important to know

Before you start a diet, study these facts, which are of great importance in understanding the process of losing weight.
We suggest you to learn all the main aspects of weight loss in the abdomen – causes, proper nutrition and fat-burning products.
There is no local weight loss. With a diet and exercise with active physical exercises, the fat burning in the whole body is evenly burned. That is, to lose weight only in the thighs or in the waist by burning fat does not work. By regulating nutrition and active loads, you can adjust the shape of the muscles, thereby forming the necessary bends of the body.
Really, you can lose weight only on diets. Without limiting itself in the diet, this will not happen. And it is also important to understand that fasting is not a diet. We do not recommend you to starve, because after the received stress the body will intensively store up fat, waiting for another such “action”.
Calorie counting. Calculate how many kilocalories in a state of rest your body spends. For this, multiply the body weight by a factor of 0.9 – this is the calculation of kilocalories per hour. Multiplying by 24, get the final figure. Also, the body spends energy on work, physical activity. Everyone here has his own expenses.
For comparison – for an hour of fitness training the body absorbs the number of calories equal to the mass of the body, multiplied by a factor of 6.3. The total value of all costs – and there is a daily energy expenditure by your body. To start the process of losing weight, you need to consume 400-500 kilocalories less per day.
Metabolism, necessary in the process of losing weight metabolism, is triggered with the right diet, normal physical activity, proper sleep and the rejection of bad habits.
It is necessary to consume 1.5-2 litres of clean water a day. In the morning on an empty belly – always. Water starts the work of the belly, cleans it, prepares it to receive new food. And a glass – and a half drink for 25-30 minutes before eating. It is also believed that when filling the belly with water, eaten much less.
We can say that the above factors are the keys to fast and high-quality weight loss.

Diet for burning fat on the belly

Once again, we will denote that 90% of the success in losing weight, especially in the abdomen, depends on the diet and the foods used.
We suggest you to learn all the main aspects of weight loss in the abdomen – causes, proper nutrition and fat-burning products.
First of all, for a balanced metabolism in the body you need to eat 5-6 times a day. The main meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the greatest amount of daily calories the body should receive in the morning. Between these three meals you can make two or three snacks. Than you can have a snack, we’ll analyze it just below.
To begin with, we define the prohibited products, i.e. those that promote the formation of a fatty layer in the abdomen:

  • Fat
  • Smoked
  • Sweet
  • Flour
  • Confectionery
  • Roast
  • Canned
  • Fast food
  • Carbonated drinks

One should understand that roast meat is prohibited; boiled, grilled, stewed – you can. Fried nuts are forbidden, nuts in kind are welcome. That is, we do not impose taboos on all specific products, but on the way they are prepared.
Limit the consumption of butter, whole milk and fatty dairy products. Completely eliminate the flour, confectionery and sweets. From drinks you can freshly squeezed juices, tea (preferably green), coffee – without sugar and milk. Reduce the salt content.

Diet for burning fat on the belly should contain the following products:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits (banana and grapes – in limited quantities)
  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Cereals – especially promote slimming buckwheat, oatmeal and rice
  • A fish
  • Lean meat
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetable oils
  • Eggs

Fat Burning Products

The first of your assistants in losing weight belly is spices: pepper, garlic, cinnamon, ginger and many others.
Green tea with ginger is a very effective fat burner. To make such a tea, grate fresh ginger root (cut approximately one cm.), Boil for 5-7 minutes with boiling water, add to green tea. You can put some honey for taste and aroma.
Prepare Sassi’s water: for two litres of clean water, take one sliced ​​cucumber, one chopped lemon, a teaspoon of grated ginger, then a few mint leaves. Leave it overnight. The whole next day, drink in small portions.
At night, a drink made of yogurt with cinnamon and pepper is effective. To taste, add a glass of kefir powder or a stick of cinnamon, a little ground pepper.
To do this, brew in a thermos green tea for two thirds of the volume, the rest of the tea fill with milk. During the day you can drink up to two litres of a drink.
Fruits that actively burn fat – pineapple, grapefruit.

Physical exercise will help to lose weight

We suggest you to learn all the main aspects of weight loss in the abdomen – causes, proper nutrition and fat-burning products.
In the slimming complex, perform physical exercises for the waist area. Very effective slopes to the sides with hands clasped behind the back, exercises on the press.
Another little secret – when walking, control your posture. As soon as you straighten your back, your belly is immediately pulled up – and you, straining your abdominal muscles, form a beautiful press with ordinary walking.
Now, knowing all the basic principles of effective weight loss belly, nothing will save you from the thin waistline! We wish you many years to stay in beautiful physical shape!

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