The Importance of Hygiene Around Pets

The Importance of Hygiene Around PetsImage credit: jenniferhoule

Rules for hygiene for pets: how to wash dogs and cats? All pet owners, especially dog ​​and cat lovers, often pay special attention to the health of their pets, choosing the right diet, walks for them, but rarely think about the hygiene of their pets. Usually owners of domestic animals wash dogs and cats only on special necessity, when those and at all will go dirty, however it is not absolutely correct.

You probably noticed that when you enter the house of an inveterate cat-dog or a dog lover, you can often feel a not quite pleasant smell. And this smell is very stable, is eaten in bedspreads, on furniture, in furniture itself, in the clothes of owners, and getting rid of it is quite difficult. And all because the hygiene rules for pets are not respected.

The animal itself often experiences discomfort, even if it does not fly with dirt in all directions, and it just did not bathe for a long time. Just say they are our favorites, they can not tell us about it. And they need to be washed regularly, without waiting until the animal looks like a lump of dirt. But here’s what hygiene rules for pets need to know, and how to wash cats and dogs, now tell in detail.


DogsImage credit: liilxliil

Let’s start, perhaps, with the fact that dogs need to be cleaned every two weeks on schedule and off-schedule, if it gets dirty. This is the most acceptable mode, both for the animal and for the host. In summer, you can do it more often, because dogs, like us, sweat.

Before you start bathing a dog, you need to remember that simple, human shampoos are not very suitable for them – dogs have a skin that is more tender and drier than humans, and the natural lubricant is not washed off with simple detergents. Therefore, dogs should be washed with special shampoos for dogs, which can easily be found in any pet store. There are shampoos for certain breeds, for different types of wool, and even for different ages of dogs. Consult the store or veterinarian and choose the right one, suitable for your pet.

If you are afraid that water will fall into your ears to your pet, put in his ears oily cotton swabs. Do not apply shampoo directly to the coat. First, it is necessary to wet the dog abundantly so that the water flows directly from it, and the shampoo is diluted in some kind of container. Do not regret shampoo, soap in this way at least twice, each time washing off the foam well. The water should not be hot and not cool, but warm. After the bath, wrap the pet in a towel and wipe well, but do not dry it in a towel, otherwise the wool will wilt and deteriorate. Dogs are also susceptible to colds, so you can not let the pet go out after a wash and the wind in no case.


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Unlike dogs, cats do not really like to take a bath and wash them less often than dogs, but it’s not worth it to refuse completely from the procedure. If the cat goes for a walk on the street, wash after a walk you need only contaminated sites, and it is necessary to wash the cats after the summer season. If your pet does not go anywhere at all and does not happen at the dacha, twice a year full bathing is enough.

Before bathing cats, cut them claws – cats are not all like to swim and can scratch you badly. We put in the ears of cats, as well as dogs, oily cotton balls and bathe in warm, unheated water with a special shampoo for cats, which are also tons of in veterinary stores. After bathing, we wipe our pets well and do not let them into a draft or a wind.

Here are some tips on how to wash dogs and cats. The rules of hygiene for pets will not only help to avoid unpleasant odors from pets, but also help them stay healthy and beautiful. Love your animals, because they are so similar to us…

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