8 Facts About Healthy Living

Here are some things that affect your health. Some are just shocking.

Absolutely unexpected discoveries of scientists about what affects the health.

Cleaning is harmful to your lungs

Cleaning is harmful to your lungs

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Well, everything, now you have a scientific excuse not to clean up in the apartment often. It turns out that in the course of time, the condition of the lungs is very much worse for the cleaners and women who use different cleaning agents, removing their home. And the deterioration is the same as if these women were smoking for 20 years.

Scientists from the Bergen University in Norway after their 20-year-old experiment came to this conclusion. About 6,000 people participated in it, which tested the condition of the lungs and respiratory tract as a whole.

So use less chemistry when you start cleaning.

Take off your pajamas

It turns out that it’s good to sleep naked for health, not in pajamas or in beautiful underwear. This was evidenced by experts from the National Sleep Foundation in the United States. Just the clothes prevent you from setting the optimum body temperature. Because of this, insomnia may even occur. Again, all kinds of gum, nails can disrupt the circulation of blood.

If you do not wear clothes during sleep, the risk of developing fungal infections in the intimate places is significantly reduced. In addition, hair and skin will look healthier, because if it’s cool, then our body begins to develop hormones that increase regeneration.

Lonely people are slimmer than lovers

For nine years, Australian scientists at the Central University of Queensland have monitored 15,000 people. As a result, it was noted that those who were in a relationship, by 20% were more likely to have overweight than a single person. At the same time, the couple, as a rule, adhered to a healthy lifestyle, including in the food.

The reason was simple – when a family is going to have dinner or dinner, more servings are more frequent than those who used to eat alone. And, as a rule, lovers simply calm down, that they are no longer alone, they do not need to attract and win somebody, and here they are relaxed. They start to eat more harmful and greasy foods, sweets.

 The optimists have less pain in the heart

 The optimists have less pain in the heart

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It turns out that an optimistic positive mood affects the level of hormones that are responsible for anxiety and stress. Optimists of these hormones are less times. They simply have a great influence on the increase in blood pressure. And this can just lead to heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

This scientific fact was proven by the scientists at Duke University. An analysis of the questionnaires of about 2,400 patients with chronic angina pectoris made it possible to conclude – people with a positive attitude to life by 30-40% were less likely to have inpatient treatment than pessimistic patients.

Sleep in the light leads to depression

Even a faint light can interfere with the work of internal biological watches, says Japanese professor Kenji Obayasy. Because in the dark, a hormone produces melatonin and the smallest source of light affects its secretion. And this affects the psyche. Depression can appear even in those who have never suffered from it.

In order to arrive at similar conclusions, Japanese scientists have been watching for two elderly sleeping people who have not had depression for two years. At the end of the experiment, those who did not sleep in full darkness had anxiety.

So it’s better to buy dense curtains in the bedroom. And so that no even small light sources, somehow flashing time on the screen of the smartphone, did not interfere with sleep.

Electronic cigarettes provoke pneumonia

Electronic cigarettes provoke pneumonia

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The advocates of Healthy Living have already influenced smokers – so many people go with electronic cigarettes. They can provoke pneumonia.

London scientists from the University of Queen Mary came to such conclusions. Volunteers and laboratory mice participated in scientific excretions.

The whole danger is in pairs of electronic cigarettes. They create favorable conditions for the appearance of bacteria that provoke inflammation of the lungs.

Pneumococcal bacteria can exist on our respiratory tract without causing the disease. However, in some cases, such as waking, they easily penetrate the cell surface, causing pneumonia – explains one of the researchers.

Fasting for immunity

If you give up eating for 2-4 days, then the immune system is updated. So showed a study of scientists at the University of Southern California.

An experiment was conducted – the participants voluntarily starved every six months for several days. And it was these days that the body used its reserves of fat, glucose and ketones and destroyed a lot of leukocytes. This all helped the cells of the immune system to be refreshed.

But again, do not abuse this. Not everyone is starving for good. With violations of heart rhythm, cholelithiasis, urolithiasis and ulcer diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, fasting is contraindicated.

Happiness on the Internet

Happiness on the Internet

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For happiness, the Internet is needed every day. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the Center for Technological Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo, after they conducted a survey among 100,000 Europeans.

And here the state of happiness is not connected with the amount of time spent on the Internet, but with what the person does in the world wide web.

Also, university specialists found out that the Internet helps to overcome the crisis of middle age more quickly.

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