How to Choose the Best Fitness by Your Temperament

How to Choose the Best Fitness by Your Temperament

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Fitness instructors argue that the most effective classes are those that give pleasure, and recommend choosing training based on temperament. It turns out that sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic people differ not only in their psychic properties, but also in sports preferences.


Movable, cheerful, easy to climb, cheerful. Any training will suit them, but group classes will be especially comfortable: classical aerobics, step aerobics, aqua aerobics, dance classes, bicycle training, and active sports games (volleyball, basketball, football, rugby, water polo). Sanguinics are ideal fitness beginners: they quickly forget their failures and do not experience when something does not work out.


Fast, passionate, emotional, unbalanced. Choleric people are prone to violent emotional outbursts, which they need to put out somehow. For example, boxing, kickboxing, hand-to-hand fighting, karate, teikwondo, tennis, squash. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, experienced instructors recommend temperamental people to pay attention to the measured training, during which you can calm down and be alone with yourself. Suitable swimming or training on a treadmill at a comfortable pace, chosen depending on the level of physical fitness, and under your favorite music.

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Calm, slow, unperturbed, with a steady psyche and a constant mood. There are inappropriate quick, active training – phlegmatic sports should be as measured as their life. In this case, golf, pilates, yoga, stretching (stretching), swimming, jogging are ideal. Also, classes on simulators will be suitable for a clearly written program and, preferably, without persistent instructors who like to fit everyone.


Sad, vulnerable. Melancholics are hard to survive failure, so it is best to do it individually with the coach, and the coach needs to take into account the peculiarities of this temperament – only praise, because melancholic painful perceive any criticism. That’s why they are not recommended group classes and team sports. Exceptions – running, tennis, badminton in the company with a good friend or measured workouts direction Mind & Body (pilates, yoga), where no one appreciates. Dancing is also better to learn individually.

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