How To Organize Your Kitchen For Healthy Eating

How To Organize Your Kitchen For Healthy EatingImage credit: TA9141985

In the modern world, more and more people are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. They plan their meals, make up balanced diets and come up with an interesting menu. But avoiding temptations is sometimes very difficult, especially if the situation in the kitchen has to eat. How to organize space to avoid overeating? What tricks can help reduce appetite and improve proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition: how dangerous is overeating for health?

When a person consumes more food than his body can accept, all processes are violated. Gastrointestinal organs have a heavy load, the heart and blood vessels suffer. As a result of regular overeating, there are problems with pressure.

Improper nutrition causes the liver to work in “emergency mode”. She has to redouble her body with redoubled force and remove harmful substances. Overeating can lead to hormonal disorders.

To switch to the right diet, you need to change the way of life. At first it can be difficult to deny yourself gastronomic pleasure, but then you will get used to useful food and small portions.

Start with the changes in the kitchen!

The cuisine of many people is associated with a cozy atmosphere, delicious food and fragrant tea with buns. It is necessary to cross its threshold, there is a desire to have a bite – we open the refrigerator and deliver ourselves small pleasures. As a result, our food is getting out of control.

The main culprit of this behavior is habit. Once the delicacy is in sight, there is a strong desire to eat it, regardless of whether we are hungry or not. To defeat this habit and avoid temptations, you need to properly equip the kitchen.

Hide food in the kitchen cupboard

All high-calorie foods that are not suitable for a healthy snack, put it away in the kitchen cupboard. Clean cookies, buns, sugar and other sweets so that they are out of the reach zone.

Free space for fruit

They should always be in sight. If you want to have a snack, you can easily satisfy your hunger without gaining extra pounds. Give preference to seasonal fruits that do not contain a lot of sugar. Nutritionists assure that such a simple reception will help to establish proper nutrition.

Prepare vegetables for a snack

Prepare vegetables for a snack

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Often we refuse vegetables, because we do not want to waste time on their processing: wash, clean, boil. Therefore instead of carrots we satisfy hunger with biscuits – it’s easier and faster.

To prepare meals, prepare vegetables in advance. Wash, cut, if necessary – boil and place on special containers. So they will not lose their useful qualities and taste.

Put things in order in the refrigerator

The main principle – useful food products should be available! All delicious and harmful remove far away, and healthy food, place at eye level. To make it easier to deal with temptations, pack sausages, cheeses and other high-calorie food into a tight wrapper, wrap it with scotch tape. These are temporary measures that will help get rid of the habit of overeating.

Cook with pleasure

Cook with pleasure

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Turn the process of cooking into a creative ritual. Give up macaroni and other high-calorie meals “in a hurry.” Think through the menu to the smallest detail, give preference to dietary dishes that will benefit health.

Choose only fresh food of high quality. Stew, bake, cook for a couple, using the minimum amount of vegetable oil. From frying is better to refuse – this way of preparation is difficult to call useful.

Eat with the right dishes!

Remove all large plates, leave them for a solemn feast. On them, the usual portion of food seems small, after the meal there is no sense of satisfaction. In large plates you want to put a lot of food – gradually the volumes eaten grow, the body gets used to such a portion.

To deceive yourself, eat from small plates. Visually, it seems that there is a lot of food, so satiety quickly comes. There is another secret to proper nutrition – thoroughly chew food, eat slowly and with appetite. Then the feeling of hunger will disappear, and after the meal there will be no heaviness in the stomach and drowsiness.

Pay attention to the color of the dishes from which you eat. Bright colors kindle appetite and cause the desire to put an additive. Cold colors and black color, on the contrary, reduce appetite: the food on such dishes looks unappetizing.

Nutritionists recommend drinking with tall and narrow glasses. Then you will consume more liquid – a day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters.

How to establish a food? Dietitian tips

How to establish a food

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When a person is too hungry, it is difficult for him to control himself, as a result he overeats. Try to eat at regular intervals, so as not to pounce on food later. As a snack, dried fruits, cottage cheese, fruits and nuts are suitable.

If you did not have a chance to have a snack, and you were very hungry, divide the usual portion into two parts. First eat immediately, and the second – after 10-15 minutes. During this time, a feeling of saturation will come, and you can easily give up excess foods.

If you could not resist the temptation and overeat, the next day, arrange a day of unloading. The basis of nutrition should be vegetables and fruits, mineral water without gas. Reduce the amount of servings by half and forget about sweets and buns. This will help to establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract and return ease.

Dietitians advise not to combine food with watching TV or reading books. Fully concentrate on the process and do not sit over the plate. A good neutralizer of appetite is a cabbage salad. You can prepare it as a supplement to the main course.

Remember that sharp spices, smoked foods and alcohol kindle appetite. Prepare food with a minimum amount of salt, do not abuse sugar. Over time, you will get used to the new taste of familiar products, and proper nutrition will bring pleasure.

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