4 Foods That Protect You From the Sun

4 Foods That Protect You From the SunHow to protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun? In this you can help the products that you must include in your diet in the summer.

With the onset of a very hot weather, our skin awaits an unpleasant process. Under the influence of stuffy air, a scorching sun and a dusty hot wind, it becomes dehydrated, its structure dries up and seriously deteriorates.

Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of unwanted diseases, you need to act in two ways. The first – to use sunscreen, and the second – to include in your diet enhancing the protective properties of the skin products.


Cucumber is a very good alternative to water. Especially for those who do not like to drink a lot of it. With the help of this juicy vegetable you can tasty and quickly replenish the fluid in your body.

Dose: In the day it is advisable to eat about 7 cucumbers. A good alternative is also watermelons and juicy berries.


Pomegranate contains a lot of substances that are useful for the hemopoiesis and the general immunity of your body. Ellagic acid, which is rich in pomegranate, makes the skin stronger, does not allow it to thin out. Also this powerful antioxidant perfectly protects the skin from ultraviolet and reduces the risk of cancer.

Dose: In the day it is advisable to eat one small grenade or replace it with raspberries, strawberries or grapes.

Paprika Sweet Peppers

But with the help of Paprika Sweet Peppers you will strengthen the general immunity (increase the protective characteristics of the skin), arrange a war for free radicals, and accelerate regeneration (thanks to vitamin C, the skin after sunbathing or burns will recover faster).

Dose: Eat half a pepper per day. Vitamin C is also found in rosehips, raspberries, black currants and citrus fruits.


Carotene, which contains a tomato, will provide your skin with long-term protection against unwanted effects provoked by the influence of ultraviolet radiation. So in the summer you can spoil yourself with tomato salad.

Image credit:  Maarten van den Heuvel

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