Drinking Water During Sports

Drinking Water During SportsAbsolutely unexpected facts about why water should be drunk during sports.

Displays toxins

When you are doing sports, the blood begins to actively circulate and the influx to the skin increases, like sweating. Due to this physiological peculiarity, toxins are excreted from the body.

And if you drink a little during exercise, then the fluid will not be enough. Accordingly, you will not sweat very much. So, the release of toxins is not so effective.

Relieves muscle pain

The training always appears after training. But if the body is deprived of water during exercise, then the muscles will be constantly sick.

The thing is that after any training the muscles need to be restored, as they receive microtraumas. This requires carbohydrates and protein. And best of all, they are absorbed when there is enough fluid in the body.

Rejuvenates and burns fats

During sports, the blood intensively flows to the skin. It is saturated with oxygen. And collagen, which helps to smooth wrinkles, begins to develop more actively.

Accordingly, if you drink water during exercise, the blood circulates better. And this affects not only the skin, but the intensity of fat burning.

In addition, due to lack of water training may not be as effective. So, if during physical exertion you lose 2% of the fluid, then the body can not build muscle mass and burn fats. And if the loss of water reaches 5%, then the efficiency of employment falls as much as 30%.

Improves heart function

Tachycardia, dyspnea may become a constant companion in your training, if you stop drinking water in class.

Because of a lack of water in the body, blood thickens, and the vessels narrow. As a result, the heart works in a strengthened mode to disperse blood. And imagine now, in what furious mode you have to work your heart with physical exertion and lack of fluid!

Eat less

It is easy to confuse the desire to eat something with thirst.

When you do sports and do not drink water, then after exercise you can feel hunger. It is likely that this will be an illusion.

But in fact the body needs to restore the water balance. So before you eat, drink some water. If you still want to eat, then, of course, eat.

How to drink water during sports

Every 15-20 minutes you need to drink 150-250 ml of water.

It is important that it is cold. Then it is easier to maintain a normal temperature exchange.

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