Ways Friendships Are Great for Your Health

Ways Friendships Are Great for Your HealthIt is not for nothing that a person is called an “animal social”. Communication with other people helps him to understand the diversity of their habits, characters, inner world and accumulate a useful life experience. The society of other people needs a person always, even if he prefers to lead a solitary way of life due to age or other reasons. Most of all, communication with peers is necessary for children and teenagers, as they only learn to know the world. But the most valuable thing for people of any age is friendship.

The meaning of communication for a person

A person begins to feel the need for communication and socialization from about two to three years. Through the first serious quarrel in the sandbox because of toys, resentment and subsequent reconciliation, the kid will know the world of other people, while as small as himself. Friendship in preschool age is also tied easily – just go to any other child and start the game.

The older the child becomes, the more difficult it is to find friends. At teenagers at their choice on the foreground musical and art tastes or preferences in style of clothes already leave. The absence of friends who are “not starting themselves”, as in 4-5 years, can be transferred as painfully as the imperfection of one’s own appearance, sometimes imaginary. But the lack of communication with peers can be avoided if we find a new passion that will meet new people.

In adulthood, when work and family comes to the fore, there is very little time left for communication. Sometimes it happens to be forced and not entirely pleasant, for example, toxic colleagues or management. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to make new acquaintances and to communicate with interesting people. Every new person is a whole world and a new contribution to the life experience.

What gives a person friendship

About friendship written many works of art – novels, plays, poems, songs and screenplays. A person will always look for like-minded people who will eventually become his friends, with whom you can share the most intimate and expect that a friend will listen and understand.

People with whom any person communicates, are divided into several categories. There are the closest people – one or two close friends and family members. Then go buddies with whom a person spends time – goes to the cinema or to concerts, sometimes goes on vacation. Often friends can even become colleagues at work and this is not surprising, because at work a modern person spends almost all the time. And, finally, there are just acquaintances and randomly met people.

When a person has friends, he does not feel lonely. With age, some people disappear from the circle of communication forever, others return after a long break, the third less communicate due to various circumstances. Close friends are few – one or two.

A friendly union can be considered healthy and strong if the relationship between friends is not affected by financial issues or other disagreements. Communication with a friend should bring positive emotions. If this does not happen, then it is worth considering whether the relationship is really friendly.

Unfortunately, not all friendly relations endure trials by material issues, relations with partners or the position of friends in society. Therefore, only an alliance without competition and based on mutual trust and readiness to support in a difficult situation can be considered strong and successful.

How do positive emotions affect the quality of life?

Each new person, who has to communicate throughout his life, fills her with a certain range of emotions. Actions and statements of some people can cause approval and admiration, the actions of others – irritation, anger or resentment. No matter how much people want, a certain number of ill-wishers and even enemies have everyone.

Not so long ago, the notion of “toxic relationships” became known. Their main characteristics are manipulation by a friend or partner, self-affirmation of one at the expense of another, humiliation, insult and ridicule. Toxic can be even the closest people – parents and children. If, when interacting with a toxic friend, colleague or superior, a person experiences negative emotions-devastation, irritation, a sense of inferiority, then it is necessary to limit contacts as much as possible. But this is not always easy to do.

Perhaps no one in the world has escaped the negative experience of interacting with people. If parents since the childhood protect the child from contact with the negative sides of life, then it does more harm than good. Any collision with the real world will cause him serious injury. At a certain age a person needs to get his experience – quarrels and reconciliation with a friend, first love, interaction with the boss.

But too much negativity in life does not temper the character. On the contrary, it is capable of inflicting severe psychological trauma on a person. Negative on the part of parents, teachers, or school baiting leave not the most pleasant trace in the human soul. It is often possible to correct their consequences only with the help of a psychotherapist. Everyone needs to receive support and approval. This will help him become self-confident and increase self-esteem.

If a child grows up in a loving and harmonious family, all members of which easily find a common language with each other, and the arising problems are solved through conversation, it will be easier for him to communicate with peers. If people are attracted to people and seek to communicate with him regardless of his financial status and social status, he will feel more confident and self-sufficient. The positive energy received from other people is able to charge a person with a positive and help to endure difficulties more easily. When in difficult situations he gets support from family or friends, the negative effect of stress decreases, and the quality of life gets better.

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