8 Essential Oils That’ll Give You the Best Skin

8 Essential Oils That'll Give You the Best Skin of Your Life

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Do you have dehydrated skin, dry hair, lips crack or flake your face? Natural oils are a magic remedy that will save you in a variety of situations.

In our selection of 8 best natural oils for the beauty of your face, body and hair, which is worth adding to your cosmetic bag. The effect of using them you will feel literally from the first days.

Grape seed oil.

It will allow to clear pores from pollution, prevent the appearance of acne and inflammation. And in the assets of this oil, removing circles under the eyes, healing wounds, reducing the signs of skin aging.

Shea oil.

Shea oil is excellent alternative to lip balms. It easily heals cracks on the delicate skin of the lips and prevents their appearance in the future. Regular application of oil on the hair after washing your head will allow you to forget about the problem of the tips of the tips.

Coconut oil.

Restores damaged hair structure, protects them from harmful sun rays. Also, it moisturizes the hair well and helps to cope with the split ends.

Tea tree oil.

This is the best way to dry a nasty pimple overnight. This oil is used both for the healing of cuts and burns, and for the treatment of acne prone skin.

Important! Unlike most other oils, tea tree oil is extremely toxic when ingested.

Jojoba oil.

It can give your skin a healthy and radiant appearance that you would not have achieved even with the help of the best decorative means. Apply oil to cleansed skin as a day cream or overnight, avoiding the area around the eyes, and your skin will change.

Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally

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Sesame oil.

Contains a huge variety of useful trace elements. Rinsing with sesame oil brightens the teeth and promotes the regeneration of gum tissues, oral cavity and tongue.

Olive oil.

Promotes active nutrition, moisturizing, activating the protective functions of the skin of the face and body; launches the mechanism of detoxification and protection from free radicals.

Almond oil.

Helps strengthen brittle nails, allows them to grow faster, to be strong and healthy. It is also an excellent antifungal agent.

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