Healthy Protein Food Sources

Foods rich in proteins should be in the dietUsually, when people are advised to add protein-rich foods to their diet, most immediately think of red meat. There are a huge number of other food products that are also characterized by a high content of this essential element.

What are proteins?

Proteins are groups of molecules consisting of amino acids connected by peptide bonds.

The composition of each protein includes the following minerals:

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon
  • Hydrogen
  • Phosphorus

Even the very fact of the presence of all these substances in the human body testifies to their great importance. Do not forget that protein is part of most cells of internal organs.

Moreover, proteins take an active part in important biological processes.

The main functions of proteins

Since proteins are involved in almost all types of body activity, it can be argued that they are indispensable for human growth and development.

In addition, proteins ensure the process of transporting oxygen through the blood to the cells of internal organs.

Proteins are one of the main components of irreplaceable enzymes, some hormones, and even antibodies, which are responsible for protecting the body from the negative effects of adverse external agents.

Protein-rich foods should be in everyone’s diet

Taking into account all the useful properties and advantages of proteins, it is necessary to emphasize that protein-enriched foods must be present in the diet of everyone who cares about their health.

One of the most effective ways to replenish protein reserves in the body is regular consumption of food with a high content of this substance. For this purpose, it is necessary to review the diet and adopt the basic principles of a balanced and healthy diet.

1. Watercress

Even though this herb still seems quite exotic to most of us, watercress is one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Actually, watercress is very often used both in Asian countries and in some regions of Europe.

Please note that for every 100 g of watercress there are about 1.6 g of proteins.

2. Nuts

All types of nuts have countless benefits for the human body. Undoubtedly, nuts owe their incredible properties to their high protein content.

Of course, each type of nut contains a different amount of protein, but the average amount of this indispensable substance is approximately 17 grams per one-hundred-gram serving of nuts. Here are exactly which nuts experts recommend using regularly to improve well-being:

  • Cashew
  • Almond
  • Pistachios
  • Peanut

It is very important to remember that for the most effective results, it is better to use nuts in their fresh form without any impurities.

3. Artichokes

It is distinguished from other foods by its positive effect on the digestive process because it is not only incredibly filling, but also indispensable for accelerating the process of losing weight. Please note that for every 100 g of artichoke there are about 3.3 g of proteins.

4. Broccoli

One of the main reasons to include broccoli in your daily diet is the high protein content of this product. 100 g of fresh broccoli contains approximately 11.1 g of protein. That is why many people compare broccoli with red meat in terms of its beneficial properties.

5. Fish

Of course, when it comes to the most useful and nutritious protein-enriched foods, one cannot fail to mention fish. It is fish dishes and seafood that are among the most popular healthy foods around the world.

In fact, fish should definitely be in the diet of every person, because it contains not only essential Omega-3 fatty acids but also proteins in large quantities.

In addition, a portion of fish weighing about 85 grams contains as much as 27 grams of protein.

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