Healthy Diet Mistakes That Hamper Weight Loss

Healthy Diet Mistakes That Hamper Weight LossIt is not enough to exclude flour and salty from your diet, you need to consider a few more points.

It seems to be adhere to proper nutrition, exercise, and the weight does not go away? Many, precisely because of the lack of quick results, lose their motivation. But before you give up you need to figure out why you can’t lose weight. List of the most common mistakes in nutrition, which prevent to get rid of extra pounds.

Do not follow portions

One of the most important mistakes is to believe that if healthy foods are present in the diet, they can be eaten as much as you please. You should know that due to the use of cereals, whole-grain pasta, fruit in unlimited quantities, weight is more difficult. To fix this is to purchase a kitchen scale and weigh all the products. Download an app that counts calories and keep it, it will help track food and not overeat.

Do not take into account calorie sauce

Most slimming believes that a small amount of sauce will not affect the calorie content of the dish. When it comes to purchased sauces, they are very high in calories and fat.

Shop sauces should be replaced with homemade. For example, you can make a dressing of white yogurt and mustard. Also, to diversify the dishes, it is best to add natural seasonings.

There are low-fat products

It’s time to forget the myth that low-fat foods help you lose weight. On the contrary, in this way, more calories are consumed. The sign “0% fat” is just a marketing ploy. You need to know that due to fat-free products, vitamins and trace elements are absorbed very badly. It is better to choose dairy products with medium liquid. It is necessary to count not only calories, but also the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

There are too many healthy sweets in the diet

Nutritionists advise to replace sweets and biscuits with nuts and dried fruits. But, you should not get too carried away with such snacks, they also have enough calories.
No need to give up snacking, you just need to weigh nuts and dried fruits, and count calories.

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