10 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach If You Want to Stay Healthy

10 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach If You Want to Stay HealthyOften people miss breakfast altogether, considering this food intake to be unimportant or simply due to lack of time, and sometimes they cost a cup of coffee, a bun and a glass of kefir. What you absolutely can not eat on an empty stomach?

Breakfast is the most important of all meals. However, not every product is suitable for use at this time of day. What products should not be eaten on an empty stomach, and what harm can they cause to the human body?

Freshly brewed black coffee

Along with coffee, the human body receives a portion of acids that irritate the gastric mucosa. At that moment, when the stomach is still empty, producing hydrochloric acid and gastric juice begin to gradually destroy its walls. As a result, manifestations of gastritis and stomach ulcers can be observed. If it is impossible to give up a cup of coffee on an empty stomach, then it is necessary to neutralize it with the help of breakfast, which should be taken immediately after drinking the coffee.

Fresh fruit fresh juices

Together with a portion of freshly squeezed fruit, the body receives a dose of sugar and, accordingly, the level of glucose in the blood very quickly increases. As a result of this action, the load on the pancreas increases, and the human body receives a large insulin response. Why is this happening? Each fruit has in its composition simple sugars and fructose. All these sugars in large quantities fall into our glass, and every useful fiber goes into the trash. This requires no more than 1-2 oranges (apples), and cooking requires 5-6 fruits, and sometimes more. Therefore, such a quantity of sugars, in principle, for the body is a big load.

Sweet fruit

The index of the highest glycemic index. Approximately 15-20 minutes after a meal, when the level of glucose in the blood is already slightly replenished.


Any biscuits, cakes and pastries rather dangerous to eat on an empty stomach. Due to their consumption, the body gets a state of hyperglycemia – an increased level of sugar in the blood, while the pancreas begins to work at maximum power and, accordingly, produces a large amount of insulin. As a result, this condition leads to a chronic increase in blood sugar levels, insulin resistance.

Spicy Spices

When eating hot spices on an empty stomach, irritating the mucous walls of the intestines, as well as trying to whet the appetite, they, like under water, but have a negative effect on acidity. These problems should be fairly accurate, especially dark.


Various acids are their part, therefore at the use them on an empty stomach the mucous membrane of a stomach irritates. The only exception to citrus fruit that does not oxidize is lemon.

Carbonated drinks

Carbon dioxide has a negative effect on the walls of the stomach, irritates its shell, even if it is not sweet drinks.

Fat-Free Yogurt (All Fat-Free Dairy Products)

In the process of degreasing the product, nothing good happens to it. In addition, a low-fat product slows down the absorption of calcium, vitamin D and dairy products in normal amounts. In addition, yogurt is an acidic product. Accordingly, the use of it on an empty stomach leads to irritation of the intestinal walls. This action would be neutralized. With a lack of fat – get high acidity.

Canned and smoked meats

The abundance of preservatives in such products irritate the walls of the stomach. For example, sausage or pickled cucumber, that is, it is better to get it with a regular meal – not on an empty stomach.

Onion and garlic

Despite a number of useful vitamins and minerals, a large amount of essential oils make these products harmful for fasting. These data must necessarily include the diet, especially in the period of colds.

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