Avoiding Coronavirus Quarantine Conflicts

Avoiding Coronavirus Quarantine Conflicts

The coronavirus pandemic makes people around the world self-isolate. Staying in a closed space with loved ones leads to domestic conflicts.

Here are some helpful suggestions that can change your perspective on relationships with family, neighbors, cohabitants, or friends.

Being in a confined space, people begin to conflict. The number of police calls related to conflicts within the family is only increasing, people are complaining more about each other, and are beginning to resort to the threats of divorce. Someone is trying to go away, leaving loved ones alone.

Soon, the number of conflicts that can lead to divorce will increase significantly. This is due to the fact that being inside the same room, people increase contact with their loved ones. This is not bad at all, but no one has canceled personal space. As a result, people find conflicts within the group with which they are constantly interacting.

The worst option is to look for an enemy among family members. Now the “family values” are losing its importance in comparison with the previous centuries, but we should not ignore the fact that the family is an important social group through which the society as a whole is built.

Remember, it will be much more difficult to restore relationships than to break them. To evaluate the effects of a possible break, one can resort to techniques such as Descartes Square. We advise you to use it before making any decision in your life. You can get acquainted with it on the Internet because it is a very common technique. Many ignore it, calling it a banal technique to write “for” and “against”. But in reality, it is one of the cognitive techniques that affect the quality of our choices.

Also, in order not to conflict with loved ones, being in the same room with them, we recommend engaging not only in joint leisure but also to choose something special (reading books, physical activity, meditations).

Try to find an opportunity to isolate yourself within the family. This means that you need to define your personal boundaries before conflicts begin.

Each person’s life has its own difficulties that can cause strife in the family. In order to prevent them, some preventative measures should be taken. Remember: there is nothing better than showing your independence, being able to say no and outlining personal boundaries that will not be broken.

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