Ways to Bring Peace, Love and Tranquility to You & Your Family

Cheating is the fastest and most effective way to destroy relationships. But there are a number of other, equally reliable techniques that act, albeit more slowly, but lead to the same result.

Read and remember what should NOT be done to maintain peace and tranquility in the family.

Lat and hide the truth from a partner

Even if you hide some small things “out of love” to protect your feelings, in the end these small secrets can accumulate and turn into a big lie that your union will not survive. If you do not want to hurt the lies of your partner, it is better not to do something that might cause his offense.

Buy obsessive or vice versa – ignore problems

Constant annoying attention is equally harmful – whether it concerns really important things or trifles – and ostentatious disregard. In the latter case, when problems are ignored, your relationship has no chance.

Hide outrage or resentment

Do not be offended and go into yourself. Undue offense and internal indignation tend to accumulate – and then a powerful avalanche sweeps away in its path. Including relationships.

Do not be stubborn, iron defending their point of view

Such a thing as a “compromise” saved more than one family. Smart women know that you can give up a little – but eventually win. To lose the fight, but win the war, in other words.

Talking about everyday things

Disputes about who will take out the garbage, and who will wash the dishes, perhaps, will help to quickly clean up the house, but obviously will not make your relationship better. And in the near future they can destroy them. Do not argue and do not drink your partner. Just think up a system of “rewards and rewards” to do household chores without reminders and with joy (well, as far as possible).

Show condescension

An indulgent attitude toward a partner is simply another way to show oneself more meaningful or more influential than him. Tugging the “rope of power” does not promote good relations. Of course, no one will forbid you to demonstrate your ego – but this should be done very carefully, if you really value relationships.

Staying in a “Out of the Way” Relationship

Your feelings have cooled, but you continue to “pretend” – either to not disappoint relatives, or simply because in a couple of months you have a trip to a fashionable resort. Such relationships are rapidly accumulating resentment and anger, which can lead to irreconcilable hostility. Maybe it’s better to put a full stop right away – and maybe stay good friends?

Manipulate a partner

Some do it so subtly that sometimes you realize that you are being manipulated when it is too late. Opened manipulations break relationships faster than betrayal – no one wants to feel like a fool and realize that you were being led along. A blow to self-esteem can be so powerful that it changes the outlook – and in the following respects the victim himself begins to manipulate the partner.

Plague partner with jealousy

Even without actual deception, the mere suspicion of this can destroy the strongest relationship. What to do – people are suspicious and touchy. Just don’t give each other a reason.

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