How to Store Avocados and Increase Their Shelf Life

How to Store Avocados and Increase Their Shelf LifeAvocados – a useful fruit, which in itself does not have a pronounced taste. However, in salads with fish and seafood just perfect. But, in order to fully feel the unusual taste of the fetus, you need to know how to keep the avocado properly.

Immature avocado

If you bought a beautiful solid fruit and noticed that it is immature, you need to fix the situation. The fruit will ripen a week if it stays in the house at a temperature not exceeding 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you put it in a paper bag, the maturity will be reduced to 3-5 days. But it is possible to further accelerate the process: for this in an avocado package put an apple or a banana.

Important: Do not store unripe whole fruits in the refrigerator. In the cold, the ripening process is significantly slowed down.

Check the product daily and easily click on the cake with your fingers to determine how old it is. Ripe fruit is easily pressured.

Unbreakable cut avocado

If you violated the integrity of the product and found that it is still immature, it is easy to fix if you create favorable conditions:

  • Grease both halves of the cut fruit with lemon or lime juice (white vinegar is also suitable) and tightly fold together;
  • wrap the food film and place it on the lower shelf of the refrigerator.

You can use a plastic container or a dense polyethylene bag with a buckle instead of a food film. It is important to create a vacuum, that is, limit the access of oxygen to the fetus.

Depending on the ripeness at the start of storage, the maturation process lasts from one to several days.

Do not store the sliced ​​immature product at home not in the fridge (in the pantry or closet). So you will not be able to save flavors in it.

Ripe Fruit

If you bought a ripe avocado or it is ripe at home, it should be kept in a cold place for two to three days, but only if the fruit is whole.

The cut ripe avocado is recommended to be wrapped in a food film or other sealed packaging, pre-lubricating with lemon or lime juice.

To keep the cut fruit longer, do not remove the ankle. It will limit the access of oxygen to the pulp and protect from light, thereby continuing storage.

If, after storing in the refrigerator, the product became mild, the flesh darkened, patches and dark spots appeared on the skin, and when pressed, there were dents – it was over. It is enough to store it, it’s time to serve on the table.

Frozen product

If you need to keep an avocado for a long time, put it in a freezer. Of course, the taste of a frozen product with fresh is not comparable. But for the preparation of different sauces it is exactly that.

Keep the product in a freezer can be a whole, but it is more convenient to still cut into small pieces or chopped in mashed potatoes.

The avocado should be in the freezer compartment in a sealed package.

For long-term storage it is right to buy immature fruits and leave them ripen at home.

Picture Credit: Kjokkenutstyr

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