10 Ways to Improve Depression and Anxiety without Meds

10 Ways to Improve Depression and Anxiety without MedsNow there are many “fashionable” diseases: computer addiction, anorexia, cellulite. But recently, doctors did not even know what it was. Another thing is depression – it has been at all times. Recall at least the Russian young ladies in Pushkin’s works, which “languished with obscure longing.” Today this problem is well-known to everyone: it is discussed on television, various blogs and advice in magazines. Someone even wants to give a bucket and a rag to dressed-up beauties who complain about life.

But doctors say that if you notice signs of depression in yourself or your loved ones, do not delay, seek help. Let’s try to understand when the help of a specialist is necessary, and when you can pull yourself together and not sag and make an effort to overcome depression.

Positive emotions increase the amount of produced “hormones of happiness”. When there is a splash of endorphins, then the person becomes cheerful. This splash does not occur if a person is unhappy for a long time, sick. As a result, depression occurs, and not only in humans – the same rats, monkeys and elephants are also susceptible to this disease. Depression can cause any phenomenon, from a lack of sunlight, ending with the loss of work and loved ones. Even neglect of fresh air has certain consequences.

What does depression look like?

A person ceases to enjoy his once beloved activities: hobbies, sex, favorite food. He does not think completely about himself, about his appearance, he snarls at everyone, eschews people. At any convenient opportunity, I want to immediately sit down or lie down.

It is not so easy to get out of depression: someone just needs a visit to the solarium, and someone will have to take antidepressants. In the most severe cases, electric shock is used. At the middle stage, communication with a psychologist will help, as well as time spent with dogs or cats. But a depressed state is when a person feels dull and depressed for no reason. Although, sometimes the reason may be, for example, heavy memories from the past that still haunt.

The second most common cause is overwork. The third is unwillingness to embark on new business. Of course, it’s best for someone to say how bad everything is and not do anything about it. There are those who simply manipulate others, knowing that in this case they will do everything for him. And for some, a depressed state is a common condition because they are pessimistic in nature. The main thing to remember is that this is not a disease, but if measures are not taken in time, then you can “get sick” with depression.

So, here are 10 ways to get out of depression:

1. Do nothing for a day! No TV, internet, work – just relaxing in bed. The maximum that you can do is to sew, knit (a hobby) and pet a cat. This will give you strength for new things.

2. Write in a notebook why you have this condition. After all, how much do not rest, and there will be no sense if you do not remove the root of the problem.

3. Remember what activities you like. Maybe it will be jogging in the morning, horseback riding or a delicious cake? Every day should please you with at least one pleasant trifle.

4. We overcome ourselves. We get out of bed and at least do something. Let it be home cleaning or just washing the dishes. The main thing is to force yourself.

5. We do physical exercises, any. You can even do simple charging at home.

6. Shock therapy: do what you have long wanted but feared. Enjoy a parachute jump or getting fired from a job you never liked.

7. We eat the most delicious food. For each, these are their own products: chocolate, meat, ice cream.

8. We pay attention to ourselves: let it be a bath with sea salt or aromatic oils, shopping, a salon, a hairdresser, etc. .

9. Do not blame yourself for your helplessness. Know this is a temporary phenomenon.

10. A bigger smile on your face is better than any pill. Watch a comedy or read a collection of jokes. You don’t learn anything new, but laugh heartily.

And finally, advice – do not lie to yourself. If you are saddened by thoughts about work and housework, but you are happy to chat with girlfriends and go on sales, then most likely this is banal laziness.

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