Connection Between Mental and Physical Health

Connection Between Mental and Physical HealthAccording to American psychologists, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs, malnutrition and unsafe sex are original strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Smoking, drug use and unprotected sex are a kind of attempt to overcome depression. Such a lifestyle could explain the high rate of mental illness among low-income people.

Scientists at Miriam Hospital conducted studies involving 482 patients from one hospital for HIV-infected people. Participants conducted a survey to determine the level of anxiety, depression and a tendency to stress.

Each of the volunteers also assessed their lifestyle. Analysis of the results showed that depression, anxiety and stress, as a rule, become the causes of an unhealthy lifestyle, while mental disorders do not lead to addictions.

The results of studies published in the journal Translational Behavioural Medicine lead to the same conclusions. “Risky behavior is the result of mental disorders, but it is not necessarily their cause,” the newspaper writes.

According to the head of the study, Dr. Jennifer Walsh, for proper diagnosis, doctors need to recognize among low-income patients as people with high levels of depression and stress, and balanced individuals.

The authors advise that patients consult on mental health and ways to reduce stress levels to help them improve their lifestyle.

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