Tea Tree Oil: Benefits and Uses

Tea Tree Oil: Benefits and UsesTea tree oil will help with skin and hair problems. But it is applicable not only in cosmetics. See the properties of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil among Australians (where this tree comes from) gained the nickname “green gold”. Already centuries ago, the inhabitants of this continent were picking leaves from tea tree and making wraps for hardly healing wounds. We write what else tea tree oil helps and what is currently applicable.

Tea tree oil for wounds
If the skin has wounds that do not want to heal, even after burns, you can reach for tea tree oil. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties. Thus, it accelerates wound healing. Also when the skin itches after the bite of insects, eg mosquitoes, tea tree oil will bring relief. In addition, the smell of the oil deters insects, such as mosquitoes and ants.

Tea tree oil helps with acne
Acne can be the bane of not only teenagers. Therefore, if you have a skin that is prone to breakouts, take advantage of the benefits of tea tree oil. This works like an ointment or cream for pimples. For oily skin and prone to seborrhea, such oil is also useful. It gently dries acne lesions.

Tea oil versus dandruff
Fat hair with a tendency to dandruff and to fall should be washed with shampoo and tea tree extract. It makes the hair regain its shape, it becomes shiny, and the scalp is healthy and clean, because this shampoo helps fight inflammation of the scalp. Preparations that control lice also sometimes have this oil in the composition.

Dry skin will become elastic
A bath with the addition of a few drops of tea tree oil causes the skin to become more elastic and becomes smoother, cleaner, and moisturized. It regenerates the complexion. In addition, this bath soothes the senses and helps to relax.

Tea oil for the gums and mouth problems
Tea tree oil also works in the care of the oral cavity. It protects irritated gums. It is helpful in the fight against tartar, thrush and oral mycosis. Bad breath will also not be so bad if we use a lotion with this oil in the composition.

To fight against fungal infections
Who fights with foot mycosis, can use cosmetics with tea tree oil in the composition, because it has antifungal properties. Supports the treatment of foot and foot mycosis. The preparations used to treat vaginal mycosis also sometimes contain this oil.

Tea tree oil for colds
Tea tree oil should be used, for example, as an inhalation with colds, and even with flu and angina. Not only does it fight viruses and bacteria, it also supports the upper respiratory tract. It also helps to clear the sinuses, and the “sausage” on the face will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

Oil for excessive sweating
Sweat teases mainly feet. In this case, tea tree oil will work again. Many deodorants, backfill or anti-perspiration creams contain tea tree extract. It is worth paying attention to them (also on the occasion we will use the anti-fungal benefits of tea tree oil).
At home, it’s easy to prepare a healthy bath for your feet – just add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of warm water and dip your feet for a few or several minutes.

Rheumatism and soreness
The mixture with the addition of tea tree oil helps fight rheumatic pains. You have to rub it in painful places and massage it. Whoever has soreness or feels muscular pains should also reach for the oil and brush the aching places with its solution.

Another use of tea tree oil
Tea tree oil also works well as a laundry additive due to its sanitizing properties. You can also sanitize and refresh the toothbrushes when we put them in the water for a moment with the addition of oil.

Diluted tea tree oil can also be used to clean the home. Due to the antibacterial properties, it is useful for cleaning sanitary fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen sink.

Who in the home does not have ready preparations with this oil in the composition, maybe a drop or a few drops add to the cosmetics. Note: Undiluted oil, applied directly to the skin, can cause it to itch and red. Also, be careful that the oil does not get into your eyes. It is also unfit for consumption as it can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Tea tree oil has a very specific smell, which does not always seem pleasant (especially at the first moment). So let’s get used to it gradually.

Picture Credit:  Kelly Sikkema

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