Exercise tips for pregnancy: benefits and tips

Exercise tips for pregnancy: benefits and tipsPregnancy is the long-awaited moment for every woman. This is a kind of miracle that everyone dreams of. And when, at last, it happens, there are many questions at once. Can I get pregnant in sports? What time? And do you want to do it at all?

Some expectant mothers prefer to move less and lie further. In fact, fitness is important and useful. And if you do everything right, it does not harm the mother’s health and future baby.

Pregnant women are divided into two groups. These are women who, before the baby’s planning, was an active sports lifestyle, and those who are not familiar with fitness and exercise. Perhaps bearing the fetus will be the starting point for those who have long wanted to think about their health.

The first trimester should be called the most exciting period, because it is at this time already formed all the main organs of the baby. Because of this, it would be desirable to lie more often, so that the process went well. But if you engage in sports competently, this will benefit not only the child. Future mom will be more easily tolerate toxicosis and dizziness.

Little pregnancies are needed. This is only for the benefit. Fitness will make the carrying process easier and have a beneficial effect on health. A positive effect will be better if you engage with the very beginning of pregnancy. It is believed that the process of delivery will be much faster. Yes, and the state of health will be wonderful. Therefore, fitness is not only possible, but you need to engage in these exciting nine months. Of course, everything is individual. If there are any contraindications, it is better to postpone the exercise later.

Why Are Useful Physical Exercises?
To date, there are many courses and complexes of gymnastics allowed in the process of pregnancy. All of them are aimed at improving the well-being of future mothers and preparing the body for childbirth.

When practicing fitness exercises, you can maintain the tone of the muscles of the hands, feet and breasts. It must be remembered that here the main goal is not an ideal figure. You can do it after the birth of a child. In this case, exercises are needed to support the body in tone and its preparation for childbirth.

It is very important to note that the press will have to forget about the whole time of pregnancy. Such exercises are prohibited. A good effect is the gymnastics for breathing and yoga. These techniques teach a pregnant woman how to behave properly during childbirth. Also, there is a stretching of fabrics involved in the baby’s appearance on the world. Yoga along with fitness will help you to understand your inner feelings, learn to listen to your own body. It will be needed when a child wants to come to light – it will be easier to overcome fear and pain.

Sport is also important for the fetus, which feels everything. When women are happy with fitness, the child will be easier to move the adaptation period to a new world for him in the future.

Additional benefits of exercises:

  • digestion noticeably improves;
  • stretch marks after childbirth will be less;
  • the energy that enters the body, has a beneficial effect on well-being and mood;
  • the risk of constipation will be less.

The most important thing is for sports lessons to be safe. Some of their types are strictly prohibited.


  • Roller skates and skates;
  • martial arts;
  • riding a ride;
  • skiing;
  • diving with scuba diving;
  • step aerobics;
  • jumps;
  • team sports such as basketball;
  • snowboardWhen visiting some of the modern fitness halls, you may be offered bracelets, where there is a sensor that measures the heart rate. This will help ensure that there are no deviations from the standards. You should also stop playing sports with shortness of breath, the appearance of pain, the appearance of bloody secretions.

In addition, there are various contraindications for fitness in the wearing period:

  • tuberculosis;
  • problems with fetal development;
  • cardiac and vascular diseases in the acute stage;
  • fever and the appearance of infections;
  • inflammation of the internal organs, for example, pneumonia or gastritis;
  • threat of miscarriage;
  • bleeding from the uterus;
  • high blood pressure;
  • if they were missed earlier;
  • complex form of toxicosis;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • abortions that were before;
  • rupture of the membrane

Such contraindications exclude any kind of sports. All exercises during pregnancy should be performed according to individual characteristics. If there are any problems, you should consult with your doctor and decide if you should do anything at all.

What to choose?
It is best to do exercises and to the period of pregnancy. Then the training will be safer and more natural. Useful swimming, yoga, aqua aerobics, hiking. The beneficial effect is exercises for breathing, relaxation of muscles, on coordination. It all depends on the preference. Main wish.

In order to exclude unpleasant consequences, you must adhere to the general rules.

  • At the first time you need to give up heavy loads. During this period it is useful to walk in the fresh air.
  • You do not need to try to complete the entire course of exercises right away.
  • After the fourth month, you can not lie on the back for a long time during the classes.
  • It is important to walk carefully and get out of the floor. Do not be in a hurry.
  • If there was discomfort and tension in the area of ​​the heart, there was shortness of breath, pain, pressure, or there were any illnesses, classes should be conducted under the supervision of a doctor.
  • It is desirable to wear a sports bodice to keep the breasts in good shape.
  • Sharp movements during pregnancy are strictly prohibited. These are jumps and stretching.
  • You can not overheat or overcook. It is necessary to follow this.
  • Before doing the work, be sure to do a warm-up.

To do sports in the first three months of carrying should be carefully. If you over-strain, there may be a risk of miscarriage, as the embryo will badly attach to the uterine endometrium. But lying for nine months is also contraindicated.

Pregnancy is a great time, not a disease. You can walk on foot, breathe fresh air, surround yourself with positive emotions and beloved people, and then your child will feel and come to this world with healthy and full strength.

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