Top Virtual Reality Trends For 2022

Gaming and related entertainment opportunitiesWell, there is no doubt about the fact that the virtual reality sector is here to stay. What began as a hobby for fringe enthusiasts in the earlier period of the 2010s, has gradually evolved with a rising interest among consumers and advancements in technology. These days VR and its near cousin AR (Augmented Reality) have become one of the promising fields in consumer technology. Many consumer research companies are predicting that this technology will mature in 2022 to a point where it can be utilized in several ways.

Gaming and related entertainment opportunities

The largest and first market that has embraced virtual reality technology is the video gaming industry. There are major players such as Sony, HTC, and Oculus embracing and investing in VR technology. Although the opportunities for the different integrators to become active in the sector have been limited, there are several other advantages. The self-contained and low-priced VR headsets do not need a PC for powering them. It has permitted a tech-savvy normal user to add VR to their repertoire for everyday enjoyment.

Opportunities for innovation

Apart from the obvious scope in the gaming market, there are many opportunities for innovation in the interior design and project planning aspects of commercial and residential integration. Organizations such as Modus VR have been successful in how the AV industry can advance and embrace VR technology. The company is using virtual reality to showcase and design its home theater plans before beginning work on a project. Although some detractors might claim that this technology is more of a gimmick than anything useful, it is useful in the design stages of a project to get a real feel of the product.

The alternative to use VR in the home theater segment is not limited to the design area either. There are many relatively new tech companies out there such as Melody VR, Wave, and Supersphere that are experimenting with the idea of providing virtual access to live concerts by using headphones and VR headsets. All the prospective concertgoers will need to do is buy a ticket online. This will allow the integrators of the virtual reality system an alternative in the form of a home theater add-on. It will also pave the way for tangible entertainment advantages apart from gaming.

Expansion of innovation into the wellness field

Although some purists and design experts may scoff at the ideas such as these, the pandemic has shown that adaptability and working from home alternatives both are going to be the key to how technology will advance in the upcoming years. In the end, the manufacturers and integrators willing to master the new and experimental VR experiences are more likely to remain ahead of the competition after the market has matured fully. This is not too far away. One tech startup Hypnos Virtual is a wellness-focused organization to expand into virtual reality space by adding customizable scent scapes into TV, games, and movies.

With the virtual reality segment maturing in recent years, the integrators are in a good position to enter a burgeoning market. They are waiting for a breakthrough in customer interest beyond the well-established sectors such as gaming. However, nobody can accurately predict what lies in store for virtual reality. As you can see disruptive new tech companies and well-established technology giants clamoring to get a piece of the action, it is fair to wonder why all the integrators are hesitant to accept the technology that may be the future of entertainment. If you live in Tampa, FL area and want to experience high-end VR gaming visit XGS VRCADE. Keep an eye on the VR space.

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