Foods that Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Foods that Reduce Stress and AnxietyIt is common for a person to seize stresses and feelings with sweet and high-calorie foods, which is fraught with weight gain and even greater psychological problems. However, experts in the field of nutrition believe that it is much more efficient to choose a diet based on natural products that can improve mood without harm to health. What are the rules for organizing such a diet?

What is the effect on the human body diet to lift the mood?

It is no secret that the life of a modern person is full of stresses and experiences. Fortunately, among them there are real neuroses and depressions, which should be treated with the help of qualified specialists, a rarity.

Today, most people prefer to “jam” emotional experiences with junk food. After all, stress hormones stimulate the growth of appetite, as well as cravings for sweet and fatty foods. As a result of this “diet” there is a temporary improvement in mood. But in the long run, it threatens with the addition of extra kilograms and the development of somatic diseases. Moreover, the splitting of the excess amount of simple carbohydrates is spent stocks of vitamins B and rare minerals

Nutritionists believe that it is much more efficient to include natural foods that are rich in chromium, selenium, healthy fats and vitamins instead of sweets. Therefore, a special home diet has been developed, which allows not only to maintain a good state of health, but also to prevent surges in blood sugar.
So, it was found that in order to maintain a good, stable mood, the human body needs a certain amount of chromium (at least 150 μg). Since its main sources are beef, honey, onions, apples, tomatoes, oranges and bananas, they should definitely be included in the anti-stress diet.

Serotonin plays an important role in maintaining a good mood. This pleasure hormone is synthesized by the human body from an amino acid (tryptophan), which must also be regularly present in the diet. Its sources are sea fish, nuts and veal. It should be noted and the fact that tryptophan is better absorbed with complex carbohydrates, so these products should be combined with whole grain crops and cereals. Omega-3 fatty acids are also required for the production of serotonin. They are rich in red fish, nuts, pumpkin seeds, as well as flaxseed, sunflower oil.

Selenium is another natural antidepressant. A deficiency of this mineral causes fatigue, anxiety and irritation. To compensate for its shortage, hard cheese, dairy products, eggs, legumes and nuts should be included in the home diet.

How to deal with depression with homemade diets?

For the organization of proper anti-stress diet, it is necessary to include in the diet useful products that can maintain emotional balance. Real nutritional antidepressants are not cakes and pastries, but products that help maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system, brain, and hormones.

This bright seasoning has a beneficial effect on all body systems. It not only improves the condition of the circulatory system, but also normalizes digestion. Separately, it should be noted a positive impact on the brain (in particular, the ability to respond to dopamine and serotonin). Therefore, this natural antidepressant should be included in the diet.
Fat sea fish
As already written earlier, sea fish is a source of beneficial unsaturated fats that help maintain the nervous system, and can cope with stressful situations. Therefore, a homemade diet should regularly include fish dishes.
Brown rice
This variety of rice compares favorably with its refined sibling with a high content of group B vitamins (which promote the production of serotonin), as well as folic acid. It is responsible for the normalization of the level of homocysteine ​​- an amino acid that indirectly affects the decrease in mood.
Due to the high content of healthy fats, walnuts are able to activate the brain and protect people from depression. Therefore, one of the healthy snacks recommended by nutritionists for an anti-stress diet should be walnuts.
Bitter chocolate
Many will confirm that bitter chocolate helps to effectively deal with bad mood. And all because of the high cocoa content. After all, this product is a valuable source of tryptophan and selenium, necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system.
Turkey meat
This diet product can also be safely attributed to natural antidepressants. After all, turkey is not only a source of easily digestible protein, but also important amino acids necessary to prevent sudden changes in a person’s mood. For better absorption, nutritionists recommend combining this meat with vegetables (in particular, with cherry tomatoes, which are rich in folic acid and antioxidants).

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