Amazing Benefits of Almonds Nutrition

Amazing Benefits of Almonds NutritionAmong several fruit trees that people cultivate since ancient times, almonds occupy an honorable place, thanks to the amazing properties of its nucleoli. About him there are references in the texts of the Bible and such popularity of this stone fruit is not accidental. The benefits of almonds and delicate exquisite taste of its fruits, which are mistakenly called nuts, were appreciated by ancient kings and ordinary tillers. Therefore, planting almonds in countries where this heat-loving plant can grow, are especially appreciated.

The benefits of almonds have long been discovered, and he took a worthy place in cooking and medicine. The high content of vitamins of group B in its bones determines its usefulness for various beriberi and for weakening of the organism.

 Useful properties of almonds

Vitamin E, which is found in almonds, as a natural antioxidant, reduces the formation of free radicals in the body, associated with the emergence of a number of dangerous diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular changes.

Also, almond kernels are rich in minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and trace elements: copper, iron, manganese, zinc. At the same time, a balanced content of minerals, as well as important unsaturated fatty acids, makes it possible to recommend almonds as additives for digestive disorders, for lowering cholesterol in the blood, and for preventing obesity. There is evidence that the use of almonds inhibits the elevation of blood sugar in diabetes mellitus. The use of almonds is proven even with urolithiasis, since the substances contained in the nucleoli help to remove sand from the kidneys.

The useful properties of almonds are also noted for the purification of blood and the excretion of bile. It is shown that the use of almond nuts opens up the blocked areas of the vessels of the liver and spleen. The use of almonds is known as a means of increasing male potency, as well as an anti-smoker. In alternative medicine, the formulations that include almonds are known, which are used as anti-seizure drugs and reduce pain syndrome. Widely known almond milk – softened and mashed almond kernels with water, has enveloping properties in various intestinal disorders. This remedy was also used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

For people who are engaged in intensive mental work, the benefits of almonds are manifested in the maintenance of brain activity. With nervous disorders of sleep, the use of almonds is a good normalizing agent. The use of almonds for improving vision is also noted.

Cosmetology uses almond oil, whose protective properties are also known for a long time. The beneficial effect on the skin of its composition contributes to the long-term preservation of its youth, enhances the regeneration of cells. It is also used to treat ulcers and lichen. The composition of the mask for getting rid of dandruff also includes almond oil.

Since bitter almonds have a high content of hydrocyanic acid, it can not be used in its raw form, it is used for obtaining almond oil.

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