7 errors in nutrition after training, for which you can not lose weight

After training we always feel better. But without visible progress on the scales and in the mirror it seems that all efforts go wrong. If you are familiar with this problem, pay attention to errors in nutrition after exercise.

1. Abuse of sports drinks

Advertising makes us believe that sports drinks, which you can, for example, buy in the gym bar, are needed by our body before, during and after training. But in them usually there is so much sugar (about 2/3 of the amount of sugar in the cola) that there is more harm than good.

If you are thirsty, the best option to satisfy it is ordinary water. To calculate the daily rate of consumption, multiply your entire weight by 0.015. For example, if you weigh 130 lbs, then you need to drink almost 2 liters of water daily.

Normal water saves from thirst

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2. Additives with nutrients

If you do not have specific diseases, you will calmly manage without supplements to the diet. Synthetic vitamins do not give you the same thing as vitamins from natural foods. And worst of all – this is when a person eats harmful food and in small amounts, trying to compensate for the shortage of useful substances, taking multivitamins. Tablets can never replace your healthy lifestyle, physical activity and good sleep.

3. Diets and rejection of fat

Low-fat foods provoke hunger, so in the end, a person on a diet breaks down on harmful food more often. In addition, fat is important for beautiful skin, healthy hair and mucous membranes, as well as a lot more for what. In the diet of a healthy person there are always healthy and quality fats in a moderate amount.

Diets and rejection of fat

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4. Calorie counting

It happens that after a hard training a person thinks that he burned so many calories that now he can eat any food – there will be no harm. But numerous studies show: people tend to exaggerate the number of calories burned.

It’s one thing – a cardio-load, it’s really energy-consuming. But fatigue after working with heavy weights is often deceptive – weight training burns far fewer calories than you think.

Instead of a dull calorie count, try to eat healthy food in small portions in 5-6 meals per day.

5. Weighing

If you lose weight, it is better not to approach the scales. Follow the progress, measuring the girth of the body in different places. This is important, because as the muscles weigh more than fat, and tracking the progress of the scales, it is easiest to mislead yourself about progress or its absence.

It has long been noted that the weight of a person can increase or decrease by 4 lbs during the day due to consumed food. And in women, hormonal processes often lead to retention of water in the body, which is fraught with even greater fluctuations in weight.


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6. Proteins

During training, you destroy the proteins in your muscles. To restore them, you need to eat enough protein food. Again: do not drink protein shakes, because in addition to proteins, there can be fast carbohydrates, artificial colors and flavors. It is better to buy natural foods high in protein.

7. Nutrition after exercise

It can not be missed, because after physical exertion in the gym in the body opens the so-called anabolic window. This means that for about 45 minutes after exercise, the body will digest nutrients from food better than at any other time.

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