23 Reasons to Love Your Pregnancy

23 Reasons to Love Your Pregnancy1. You can boast about everything
That is to say – share the wonderful news. The reactions of your loved ones who will receive unexpected news from you, and their facial expressions will be invaluable, but this is only the first reason why you should get pregnant.

2. Everyone is nice to you
Both close and completely foreign people will be exceptionally kind to you. They’ll give you places on the bus or in the supermarket queue. Enjoy!

3. Your breasts look better than ever
Breasts during pregnancy will become fuller, and all thanks to the food created in them. Display them and enjoy your new strengths.

4. You can buy a new bra or even a few …
“New” breasts are also an ideal opportunity to buy a new underwear. Wash cotton, colorless bras with a wide arch. Choose delicate bras, lace bras in your favorite colors – you will find a lot of them in the clothing stores. Let yourself be sexy in this special time.

5. Your complexion is radiant
You still ask – why is it worth to be pregnant? Due to estrogen activity, your pregnancy complexion will be smoother and brighter. The discoloration and minor blemishes will disappear and a healthy blush will appear on the face. Powders and foundations you will use exceptionally sporadically.

6. Everyone cares for you
Before you start taking care of your newborn baby, the rest of the world will look after you. Take advantage of this and let them bring you tea, put a pillow under your head or wash dishes for you.

7. You feel the movements of your child
Many women say that the moment when they felt the first movement of the child was still the most beautiful in their body, but also one of the most bizarre moments in their lives. However, this is a moment that can not be compared with anything else, so it is worth living it for once.

8. Your hair is beautiful like never before
As with the radiant complexion, the hormones estrogens will be responsible for the condition of your hair during pregnancy. Thanks to their activity you will be able to enjoy shiny, full-volume hair for the next 9 months.

9. You can dream …
Dream, dream and plan – you have 9 months for it. Start now and find out how nice it is to imagine that your son will become president and daughter will be your movie star. Visualize your dreams and maybe you will make them happen in the near future.

10. You can be an interior decorator for a moment
You still ask yourself – is it worth getting pregnant? Have you ever dreamed about becoming a interior decorator? Now it’s possible – from scratch you will be able to create a cozy room for your toddler. It’s you who decides what color the walls will be painted on, what furniture you will buy, curtains and toys. Everything will depend only on your imagination.

11. You support yourself without remorse
Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to spend more time than usual – take care of your body, do not give up relaxing baths, massage with aromatic oils and masks. Thanks to such treatments you will feel exceptionally beautiful, and your body will surely repay you for it.

12. You can wear pregnancy clothes
It’s not everything! The advantages of being pregnant are endless! The times of shapeless sacks that pregnant women have put on themselves are fortunately gone forever. Now, clothes for women who are expecting a baby are not only practical, but also very sexy.

13. You get more attention
Both from colleagues, as well as from aunts, uncles, and above all from their partner. They will listen to you more carefully, and you’ll be easier than usual to push through your plans and ideas. In the end, pregnant women do not refuse.

14. You eat to gain weight
Have you ever refused your favorite dishes for the sake of the figure? Now you can go ahead and not have the slightest remorse, because pregnancy is the time when your bathroom scale should show a few kilos more, not less.

15. Your dreams are more intense
Take care of your health and provide your body with all the necessary vitamins, and increase the quality of your sleep.
A real hormonal storm will develop in your body. In addition, you will feel an increased desire for sleep, and this combination will make your dreams more intense, more detailed and colorful. The main impact on your amazing dreams in pregnancy will have progesterone, which will prolong the REM phase responsible for most of our dreams.

16. Your appetite for sex increases
Another plus of being pregnant, for which hormones are responsible: estrogen and progesterone. Most often, the greater desire for sex associated with the increase in libido appears in women in the second trimester of pregnancy. In addition, your intimate places will be better supplied with blood, and thus you will experience every sex more intensely.

17. You have more time for a hobby
Over the next 9 months, you can easily devote more time than usual to pursue your hobby. If you do not have one – sign up for a photo course, start painting or teach yourself to knit in your own home. You’ll find a lot of instructional videos on the popular YouTube channel that will help you.

18. Your nails are longer and stronger
Beautiful, long claws are a great opportunity to make yourself a special manicure. Go to your favorite beautician, find out what the latest trends are and get crazy.

19. You have an excuse for everything
Literally on everything! Forgot to send a valid e-mail? Did not you call Mom? You did not hang up the laundry? Or maybe you forgot to do shopping? Do not worry about anything, and your distraction is a justifiable pregnancy.

20. You do not menstruate
For the next 9 months you can forget about painful menstruation, and strike out pads and tampons from the shopping list. Unfortunately, this state does not last forever, so enjoy its advantages while you can.

21. You have no allergies
During your pregnancy, your body will naturally produce corticosteroids. Hormones produced by the adrenal cortex prevent allergies and inflammation.

22. Your senses are sharpened
Especially, smell and taste. You will find that your favorite ice cream has never tasted so good. Try to take advantage of this moment by cooking and ordering new dishes, soups, cakes and snacks.

23. You avoid tobacco smoke
Even if you did not smoke before you got pregnant, you probably have not been exposed to so-called passive smoking, or inhaling tobacco smoke from smokers in your environment. Now, when you are pregnant, no one even dares to pull out a cigarette in your presence.

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