Good Reasons and Healthy Benefits to Eat Dark Chocolate

Good Reasons and Healthy Benefits to Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, as far as we know, originated almost 4,000 years ago in Central America. The Maya drank it and added it to their rituals as a sacred drink.

This ancient, unprocessed, and delicious food is a natural remedy for some disorders. Also, it is an excellent antioxidant, as well as improves cardiovascular health and regulates the intestines.

Dark chocolate and cocoa

This food has medicinal properties due to the high content of cocoa, which is a healing component of this product. Therefore, we reject milk chocolate and other less useful varieties.

We recommend choosing dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa. You can also use pure cocoa to make all kinds of drinks and recipes. Thus, you can avoid other harmful ingredients such as milk fat or sugar.

Reasons to eat dark chocolate

1. A powerful antioxidant

Bitter chocolate is made from cocoa tree seeds. It even contains more antioxidant properties than fruit.

Also, cocoa beans and a glass of chocolate contain large amounts of polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants. No wonder cocoa beans are called a superfood because of its nutritional composition.

It is worth noting that in the case of cooked chocolate when it is heated, it loses some of its nutrients.

When the chocolate has a high cocoa content, in addition to excellent taste, it is also a means of preventing aging.

2. Improves cardiovascular health

Moderate and habitual consumption of dark chocolate helps to avoid the most common cardiovascular diseases: cholesterol, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. However, other types of chocolate have the opposite effect on our bodies.

Thus, dark chocolate helps control blood pressure and prevents diseases that affect the veins and heart. Thanks to an active substance called flavonocin, cocoa improves the circulatory system in the same way as many other drugs.

3. Regulates the work of the intestine

The soluble fiber contained in dark chocolate, in addition to helping control cholesterol, also helps the gut. 10% of its content is fiber, which also immediately provides the effect of saturation. Therefore, the consumption of chocolate deprives you of the desire to eat.

Because fiber is insoluble in the body and passes through the intestines intact, it helps cleanse the digestive tract. Therefore, the consumption of dark chocolate prevents constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, because fiber acts as a cleanser.

4. Soothes cough

Dark chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which acts on the vagus nerve and reduces its activity. This nerve, among other functions, has control over coughing fits.

So, it may seem unbelievable, consuming a few bars of dark chocolate a day helps to soothe a cough.

In this case, when you have symptoms of flu or cold, you can drink a hot chocolate drink. However, we recommend avoiding milk as it can increase mucus and worsen your condition.

5. Chocolate brings happiness

Why do so many people eat dark chocolate and feel happy afterward? Why can you become addicted to chocolate? Therefore, when you consume it, the brain produces endorphins. These hormones promote feelings of joy and happiness.

These five reasons are good enough for you not to suppress your desire to eat chocolate. Just remember to choose high-quality cocoa and consume small amounts daily.

Eat chocolate without feeling guilty, because now you know that it is very useful!

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