Basics of Proper Nutrition: Should You Need to Avoid Some Foods?

Basics of Proper Nutrition: Should You Need to Avoid Some Foods?

Chocolate, nuts, honey, eggs, pasta, coffee, and even walnuts – these products are familiar to each of us, but it turns out – they are not useful, at least if you believe the diets from the Internet.

Diets are now in vogue, and thousands of people refuse to eat bread, honey, and nuts and do not even drink coffee, because these foods are considered harmful to health:

  • eggs are cholesterol;
  • bread is extra carbohydrates;
  • chocolate is excess sugar;
  • coffee has a bad effect on the nervous system.

And they are wrong, say nutritionists.

Rye bread, unleavened, whole grain – is very useful. Because it contains B vitamins, it contains useful fiber, and it is also a high-protein food. The main thing is to know moderation and not to overeat.

And coffee is generally very useful nutritionists say. But this drink should be consumed no more than two cups a day: it contains chlorogenic acid, which helps us prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it stimulates the activity of our brain.

Eggs – both chicken and goose or ostrich – are also useful. Even with cholesterol. 1-2 eggs a day, if you are a man, and if you are a woman and lead a calmer lifestyle – 1 egg. This is very useful for building our membranes, nutritionists say.

It is also useful to consume chocolate every day, but not milk chocolate, which really contains a lot of sugar, and real – dark. You don’t need much – no more than fifty grams a day.

You should also not give up pasta. But instead of the usual, you should buy pasta from durum wheat and during cooking do not boil it, and do, as chefs say, “al dente” – so that it was a little undercooked.

And a handful of nuts will saturate your body with useful fats for the whole day!

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