6 Reasons to Eat an Apple a Day

6 Reasons to Eat an Apple a DayEach of us should stock up on apples for all occasions. And eat one piece every day.

No wonder there is a proverb that says that if you eat an apple a day, then you can forget about visiting the hospital. After all, apples have a huge positive effect on our body.

Improve the work of the digestive tract
Apples consist of water by 80 percent, and 20 percent is fiber, which fights with constipation and intestinal disorders.

Reduce cholesterol
And this is a reduction in the risk of heart disease, a stroke of a heart attack. With this pectin, which in apples just a huge amount.

Against Cancer
This is not a panacea for cancer, but effective prevention that we need. Apples help to cleanse the body of free radicals, which in the human body of a large city in abundance.

Improve immunity
In apples, a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens our immune system. They also protect us from bronchitis and other lung diseases. And even with asthma, they help fight.

Apples help to fill the iron deficiency in the body. After all, it contains much more in them than in meat and pomegranate. Therefore, if you want apples, then you probably do not have enough iron in your body.

High fiber content in apples makes them an excellent snack. You can eat enough one or two apples if you’re very hungry. And useful and pleasant. Therefore eat apples and enjoy life.

Image credit: Bruno Scramgnon

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