Repairing your Truck

If you are planning to get your truck repaired then you should know about the basic problem for its repair. When you take your truck to the service centre they will first ask you what is the problem with your truck. Then they will examine and check the internal problem in your truck. Now we will discuss the problems that are associated with the truck.

Full Engine Rebuilding

  • In-frame Overhauls: If your engine has an internal problem then some of the internal parts should be replaced in the engine. Some parts can be repaired if there is a possibility in the engine.
  • Out-of-Frame Overhauls: If the external parts are damaged then we should check whether they can be repaired or replaced

Brake Jobs

  • Break service: The main problem that should be checked when you are truck is repaired is about the brakes. If the brakes are not in proper condition then it is very dangerous. The brakes should be services properly in order to have a good performance.
  • Break Repair: If you came to know that your brakes got damaged then you should get them repaired as early as possible.


  • Oil and Filter Changes: There is a need to maintain the oil and filter tankers properly. If there is any leakage in the tankers you should get that solved. A lot of fuel can be wasted if there is a leakage. As the fuel charges are also increasing it will be a great loss for the owners.
  • Fleet Maintenance Programs: The fleet of your truck should also be maintained properly. You can be comfortable if there is no problem with the fleet. There are some programs which will be guide you to maintain the fleet in your truck.
  • DOT inspections: The DOT inspections should be conducted in the vehicles frequently. It will help you to analyze the problems in your vehicle. You can also know about the performance of your vehicle with the DOT inspections. So make sure that your truck is inspected by the DOT.

Semi Trailer Service

  • Roll-up Doors: The condition of your doors should also be checked when your truck is taken to the service centre. You should identify whether the doors are fitting properly in time. If the doors are not fitting properly then it will become a problem while you are travelling.
  • King Pins: The kingpins should be fitted in the some required places of the truck.
  • Flooring: The flooring is considered as the important part of the truck. If there is damage in the flooring then it is a big problem. You cannot even walk on the flooring if there is damage. Your flooring should be done perfectly in order to avoid the problems.

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