Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Color Trends

 Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Color TrendsClothes in THESE colors will be fashionable in the fall-winter season 2018/2019. We have 7 proposals!

Unfortunately, autumn is slowly approaching us, and we like to be prepared for the new season. That is why today we present the most fashionable colors for fall and winter.

1. Russet Orange
Yellow is on top for the next season. I wonder if this time he will gain more popularity. In autumn and winter, the hit will be an oriental, somewhat dirty shade of roasted yellow. From the first moment it is associated with the countries of the Far East, autumn leaves and aromatic spices.

New fall/ winter 2018-2019 color trends

2. Magenta
One of our favorite proposals for the upcoming season. It is full of dynamism and courage color that encourages fashion experiments. The most important color duo of autumn and winter will be the bold combination of pink and red.

3. Red
This color is a symbol of courage, it is associated with love, sexuality and fertility. If you want to be perceived as self-confident and courageous, wear clothes in fiery red!

4. Silver
This year, we forget about elegant gold and focus on modern silver. The coolest things are mirrored effects, but on the catwalks we also noticed a lot of sexy dresses and outerwear – they will look best with minimalist stylizations.

5. Maroon
It will appeal to all the devotees of subdued and warm colors. Burgundy looks best on thick sweaters and knitted dresses. However, in our opinion, the biggest hit will be leather jackets and coats in the color of red wine.

6. Ultra violet
Ultra Violet is the color of 2018, so you should not be surprised that it has appeared in trends. This color is bold and full of emotions, it means lack of conformity and is supposed to cause us to act.

7. Pastels
Pastels are typically summer colors, which this year also appeared in the trends for the autumn-winter season. Whitish shades of pink, blue and purple reigned on the catwalks. You’ll get the most fashionable look by mixing these delicate and subtle colors. The blush of pink and blue is a hit!

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