8 reasons to eat a piece of dark chocolate every day

Almost everybody loves chocolate. But many refuse him, fearing for the figure. However, if you use a quality product in reasonable quantities, it will only benefit. Because the black chocolate …

Gives happiness

And it’s not just that it’s delicious. The chocolate contains tryptophan, the amino acid that the brain uses to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes a person feel happy.

Contains Fiber

Cocoa beans

In the tile of high-quality chocolate (70-85% of cocoa beans) contains 11 grams of fiber. These are dietary fiber that lower the cholesterol level and make you feel full. So black chocolate is useful for both figure and digestion.

Makes you smarter

Numerous studies prove that eating chocolate, people undergo intellectual tests much better. Besides the fact that a piece of dark chocolate will make your brain work more efficiently in the morning, with regular use it will be an excellent prevention of senile dementia.

Good effect on the heart

A small piece of chocolate tiles 5-7 times a week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 57%.

Useful during pregnancy

Dark Chocolate & Pregnancy

Finnish scientists have found out that children grow up happier and less fastidious, if during pregnancy their mothers regaled themselves with black chocolate.

Lowers blood pressure

Chocolate contains flavonoids – plant antioxidants, which help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and also take care of maintaining the health of blood vessels.

Has a positive effect on the skin

In the hot summer, black chocolate can save you from sunburn, because it contains phenols and catechins – antioxidants, which are very useful for the skin.

Relieves stress

Black chocolate effectively lowers the level of stress hormones

Black chocolate effectively lowers the level of stress hormones – especially when you have these days.

Chocolate is very useful. But it must be remembered that the lighter the variety, the fewer substances it needs the body contains. As for white chocolate, it is completely devoid of those qualities that bitter has, so its consumption should be minimized. Also, we should not forget that you need to eat chocolate in moderation, so that there are no unpleasant consequences for the body.

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