4 Best Planners For Goal Setting

4 Best Planners For Goal SettingOn New Year’s Eve, have time to make a wish, and from the first day of the new year, start setting goals. And planners will help you with this.

Procrastination – the tendency to the fact that you constantly postpone even the most important and urgent things for later. As a result, you either do not fulfill them at all, or you complete them, but as horrible and in extremely short terms. Therefore, start to deal with this problem now.

Get a new diary

Do not be stingy and buy yourself a beautiful diary, in which you will be pleased to write down not only goals, but also lists of books, your dreams, thoughts. Believe me, at first it may seem useless, then later you will love such a little helper.

Chalk board

If you are a fan of interesting things in the interior, install a chalk board at home: in the kitchen, in the room or in the bathroom. Write down your plans and goals on it the next day. The effect is that it will always be in front of your eyes. Plus it’s really interesting!

Wall Organizer

Mood board is the best solution for the beginning of 2019! On it you can post photos, postcards and other little things that will inspire and motivate you. It is also a wonderful piece of furniture.

Desktop planner

Do you like beautiful office? Get yourself a desktop planner in which you can write your plans for every day, month and even year.

How to plan

  • Don’t plan too much. And generally soberly assess the time that can be spent on a particular business.
  • Unfulfilled tasks are better carried over to the next day, otherwise they will never be done. Or strike them out for irrelevance.
  • Use stickers – they are very convenient.
  • Set yourself deadlines. This is important both for self-development and in order not to forget or miss anything.

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