What is the best parrot for you?


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When it becomes a question of which parrot to bring home, first of all, we remember the wavy parrots. And not in vain. This small, sociable, non-demanding and fairly “talkative” birdie is really ideal for most families.
And such qualities of waving as easy taming, the desire to make contact with a person, the ability to quickly memorize sounds and words, compactness and a relatively small amount of garbage allow you to safely trust his content to the child.

Wavy parrots

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Additional advantages of wavy parrots are life expectancy – 10-15 (sometimes up to 25) years and a small beak (even if you get an aggressive enough pet, it will not inflict bodily harm). In addition, this is the most common type of parrots, so problems with the purchase of feed, cages and adaptations to it, as well as the treatment of birds if necessary will not arise.

At the same time, many believe that the best parrot for the house is unusual. Especially because today in pet stores or breeders you can buy quite exotic species of parrots, no worse than the wave-lovers adapted to the home content. Let’s look at some of them.

Jaco (the gray parrot)


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Jaco is sober, slowly becomes accustomed to new conditions of keeping and feed, fully reads the psychological state of a person, and the main feature of his owner should be an unshakable self-confidence. Only in this case the pet will fulfill your requirements. It’s a big enough parrot. Its length can reach 35 cm (with a tail), so the cage should be spacious. In addition, you will have to provide for the bird a perch under the ceiling (in nature, these birds settle in the tallest trees). Lives Zhako 60-98 years.

The desire to take the leading position in the family of Jaco expresses a set of quite unpleasant and loud sounds, which at the first stages of the “educational process” gives the owner a lot of trouble. However, the time spent and nerves are more than compensated. The domesticated bird is capable of reproducing several hundred words, repeating melodies of songs and voices of all family members. In addition, making friends with the owner, the parrot will be faithful to him for the rest of his life.
Buy zhako will not be a problem. Its average cost is 20.000 – 60.000 rubles.

Karela (Nymph)


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Very friendly bird, in size exceeding the parakeet buddy about 2 times. They are gray, white and light-lemon color. Are present in almost every pet store (price 2-4.5 thousand rubles), in food unpretentious and very well tamed. With regular training, they start talking quickly, remember a large number of words and simple sentences. Express dissatisfaction hiss and scream. If a parrot is purchased for a child, it is better to take the bird very small, since it will quickly get used to the owner and will be better suited for training.


Lovebird parrot

Lovebird parrot

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These restless birds are popular with breeders because of their beauty and cheerful disposition, but the best parrots for the house are difficult to name them. The fact is that those who are infertile are badly trained (only if they take a very young chick), they practically do not speak (up to 10 words) and have a fairly large and strong beak, which in the case of a wild bird can cause serious injuries. In addition, parrots are very loud and unpleasant for the human ear express their displeasure. All of the above makes inseparers not the best choice for families with children.

If the bird you need for beauty, infernalists – one of the best options. Bright, constantly busy with something and entertaining jumping on the cage, these birds perfectly complement any interior. Moreover, they do not need special care, but do not exceed 17 cm in size. You can buy a pair or one pet. True, in the second case it is necessary to take a young specimen, to the untamed bird it will be boring in solitude. There is one inseparable 3-5 thousand rubles., He lives about 10 years.



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The largest parrots available for home keeping. Its length is 30-70 cm, life expectancy 60-80 years, the cost of 50-75 thousand rubles. For this money you will receive an affectionate, loving, sociable and very inquisitive pet, who has, in addition, excellent conversational data and remarkable intellect. According to the owners, this is the best parrot for a child over 6 years old, since the bird can be taught to play with the ball, bring objects and perform various tricks. The cockatoos have only 2 drawbacks: for its mind and beak there are no constipation, knots and other obstacles, because the owner has to exercise vigilance. In addition, his desire to communicate, as well as the petting’s demand for a pet, expresses an “exhausting” cry that it may turn out to be quite inappropriate, especially in the morning hours.

What parrot to have for a child?

It all depends on your abilities and preferences. However, there are regularities. For example, if you decide to start a parrot for the first time, it’s better to stop on a wave or a Karelian. These parrots are inexpensive, unpretentious, smart enough and small in size, which makes them comfortable in content. They sing quietly enough, so the child’s sleep or peace of mind in the house will not break. In addition, these species of parrots are optimal in terms of safety and are perfectly amenable to training. Of the big parrots for a child, it is better to choose a cockatoo or an amazon. These birds are not aggressive and very sociable, they live for a long time and are quite able to remind the owner about themselves if they forget about feeding or regular training.

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